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2006/05/31 12:52:20: Posted by DM
The most recent issue of the Japanese print magazine Dorimaga had some details concerning Final Fantasy XIII. First of all, Tetsu Tsukamoto, who previously worked on FFX-2, is heading up weapons design. Next, the scenario and setting of the game is 80% finished at this point. The game's visual engine is actually running on real PS3 hardware and it is also nearly finished. There will also be vehicles in the game and the team is considering using the Dual Shock 3's tilt sensor function for control.

Also note, if you have seen the trailer, you will notice that an unnamed woman features prominently. Well, the woman in the trailer may or may not be the main character, however, the developers want to give the lead role to a woman this time. Right on!

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Final Fantasy XIII

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Written by silverwolf on 2006/05/31

Ahh...so it is a woman!? I guess if they wanted it to be a man all they would add is a nut sack. Japanese developers keep making it hard to tell gender apart.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/05/31

lol well its easier to tell in games, but anime good god its almost impossible to know for sure.

So in other words they are still in pre production which means this game likely wont release until mid to late 2008.

Its good that they are taking their time with it.
Written by Ric Hard on 2006/05/31

If I could remember the lead role of a woman was given in FFX2. So thats not really a new concept.
Written by bob (280) on 2006/05/31

In Japan it's hip to look like a girl, hence the faggy main characters of past Final Fantasy games. At least this time it's actually going to be a girl and not a guy that looks like one. I like new gunblade too.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/05/31

lol some people are overreacting some of those characters look incredible. Just because they don't look like a character such as marcus fenix from gears of war or some other typical american game character doesn't mean they look faggy.

I for one think cloud, vincent, sephiroth, the new character in final fantasy versus 13 look pretty cool. Then again I'm a huge anime fan so thats probably why I like the style.
Written by firbranded (1) on 2006/05/31

I so hope you are wrong with it not coming til 08 opt,I so hope lol
Written by Ric Hard on 2006/05/31

Optaviusx.. You're not alone, I love anime. The movie Bastard didn't look too strong but he kick some BEEP...
Written by Itaintrite on 2006/05/31

Right. Faggy? You must be homophobic. Now "faggy" would be wearing spandex, or an underwear on the outside.
Written by Ric Hard on 2006/05/31

IT/Aint/Rite.. Who are you talking to. You say something about Faggy and then you say you must be homophobic. Then you don't explain your comments. It seems like you have a EGO problem. Try to come back to earth with your narcissism. Your acting like your better than everybody else. News flash you're not.
Written by putanginanyo (2) on 2006/06/01

After I saw the HD trailer I was impress with the quality of the CGI scenes buti dont like the realtime scenes. I dont know since the psone era square is not very good in hair animation, cloths, and foliage graphics,colors and textures. They tend to be very simplistic and lacks realism. even in the CGI demo the forst area is like a PS2 games. Also the NPC are not as detailed as the main character. And offcourse the hair is not good. I hope Square must outsource game engne much better like havok, aegis or unreal 3 or the crysis engine. The game sure looks interesting especially I read that they will have vehicles and can be use freely anytime and anyplce ala Halo. Please Square improve the realism of the graphics especially the hair, cloth and foliage areas

Written by optaviusx on 2006/06/01

Square has never been simply about graphics. In my opinion square has ALWAYS developed in a next gen manner. Its attention to detail little thins that might be overlooked in most games, but we are use to seeing in our every day lives is what Square specializes in. 360 and ps3 is NOT about just graphics its more about what the hell do you plan to do with the extra power?
Written by optaviusx on 2006/06/01

How about realtime physical calculations so spells never look the same way twice? No more pre set spell animations used over and over. How about sunlight penetrating in between leaves on a tree as they do in real life> How about random changes in the flow speed and direction of a river going downstream? How about more interactivty to our game worlds we want to be able to touch and properly interact with everything in our environment not just see how pretty they are. What if I want to brush against some plants or bush of some sort it should react as it would in real life. How about improved more believable character animation every joint making specific movements or how about the character actually look in the direction he's going to go before the rest of his body follows through as we do in real life.

Thats the type of attention to detail square prides themselves on. Everything I just mentioned is just a small number of things sakaguchi is bringing to blue dragon and lost odyssey for the 360 the man was one of square's best when he worked for them and he hasn't lost his touch at all :)
Written by putanginanyo (2) on 2006/06/02

Actually most of the credit goes to Nomura, Kitase, Oematsu, and Amano, etc(Iam not sure of the spellings of the names). they have done a bigger part in making FF games not Sakaguchi. most of the things he is doing now for Xbox 360 is those things he learned and experience from being part of the team. Even those concepts that he plans liek those interactivity and special effects that he will do for xbozx he learned that from experince from being part of a team. FF is done by a team and should not be credited by just one person thats why i hate this money loving sakaguchi that he always make us feel that he is the father of FF. So for those who boast so much about Sakaguchis work just shut up and know your history of FF. Thats all.

By the way Sakaguchi is the main dev for 8 and that game is not good in my opinion and his movie FF spirits within flop unlike advent children which is better and he is not part of that dev team

Written by Becky (4) on 2006/06/08

Look Final Fantasy 13 will come out in 2007 not 2008.How do I know?Because the people who made it are cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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