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2006/06/01 10:27:36: Posted by DM
The euphemism that Dreamcatcher is using for the Painkiller delay is "extending the development time." That's a clever one for sure. It seems the game will not see release any time soon, and the programmers are using the time to make sure the PC and XBox versions are on par with each other. Click read more for the full info.


Toronto, June 1, 2006 – DreamCatcher Interactive Inc., a global publisher of interactive entertainment, today announced that it is extending the development time for Painkiller: Hell Wars, its award-winning first-person shooter soon to be available for Xbox, in order to ensure that the game meets the high standards of its predecessor. The additional time will be used to fine tune the gameplay so it delivers a fun, high-quality, action-packed gaming experience.

“We want to ensure that all of the best features from the PC version are fully integrated into Painkiller: Hell Wars and that the Painkiller experience on Xbox exceeds our customer’s high expectations for this successful brand,” said Byron Gaum, Global Product Marketing Manager at DreamCatcher Games. “Too often, titles are rushed to market that fall short. DreamCatcher is committed to making Painkiller: Hell Wars a must-have title for the Xbox, and quite possibly the last great shooter on the Xbox platform.”

“With millions of gamers still playing on first generation Xboxes, and the market ripe for a new top-notch shooter, we want to deliver the very best game possible and surpass the legacy of the original, award-winning PC version of Painkiller,” said Marshall Zwicker, Vice President of Marketing at DreamCatcher Games. “We know when Painkiller: Hell Wars is released later this year it will live up to the hype, and offer an absolutely unforgettable gaming experience.”

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Painkiller: Hell Wars

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Written by x3mis on 2006/06/01

That Sucks. And Yes The Original Xbox Needs Great Titles. But I Don't Mind Waiting For A Better Game.
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