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2006/06/01 16:02:47: Posted by DM
Apparently there is a version of Moto GP in the works for PSP, and Famitsu had some images from the game. It does not look anything like the Xbox360 version, of course, but it does look acceptable. With the WiFi play we are sure it will feature, it should make for a nice little game.

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Moto GP

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Written by Omar (90) on 2006/06/01

This versus tha 360 version , I pick PSP..... just joking

As of a matter of fact, I'd pick both
Written by LOKIOLR (11) on 2006/06/01

This could be a port of MOTO GP 4 ONLINE by Namco which is coming out the same week on the PS2 as MOTO GP 2006 from THQ.
Written by Folgore (1) on 2006/06/02

well Motogp for xbox360 is made by Climax. This one is from namco and they are totally different. In the namco motogp you can ride 125cc 250cc and 500cc . The gameplay and visuals are totally different from the ps2 and psp titles from Namco it's not obviously only a fact of machine power ;)
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