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Kojima Reveals New MGS4 Details - Morphing Camouflage >
2006/06/05 11:13:00: Posted by DM
In a recent interview, gaming legend Hideo Kojima divulged some new details about MGS4. He talked about Snake's new camo suit, the "octo-cam." This new apparel will literally change shape and color to match Snake's surroundings, says Kojima. The chameleon-like effects will happen automatically when Snake is at rest. Sounds pretty damn cool.

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Metal Gear Solid 4

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Written by optaviusx on 2006/06/05

In other words the suit is like spawn's cape :)
Written by otoole on 2006/06/05

i wanna see some gameplay of it
Written by optaviusx on 2006/06/05

MGS needed some new interesting ideas and this one will create some VERY interesting gameplay situations.

Imagine a game with Lost Planets visuals also being able to change shape and color to match a specific part of the environment. Just insane stuff.
Written by Blah (119) on 2006/06/05

This game is going to be amazing 8)
Written by t.m.b (47) on 2006/06/05

very good franchise, no doubt about that, but just can't wait to see kojima's leep over to the xbox360 :)
Written by Ric Hard on 2006/06/05

Hopefully metal Gear series will move over to the 360. I just read some where that the cell chip is having problems. gave DM the news maybe he will post it.
Written by bob (280) on 2006/06/05

Enough hype already, I want to some actual gameplay... I wonder what's being done with the camera too
Written by - The G- on 2006/06/05

No, ric hard it will never come to 360. Hideo said himself that he will never port a metal gear solid game again, he did however say that if he created an xbox game it would be a new metal gear game.

also the talk of the cell having problems, has been debunked, it was nonscense, check out joystiq for more information.

Anyways this game is gonna be a real killer, this idea however was already shown in the 15 minute trailer at e3, where snake escaped detection from the gekkos by his suit morphing into the background, it then showed that his leg, which was next to a set of water mellons, chaneged into the water melons, showing that his suit suit clearly morphes around its surrondings, when set to do so.


When i said changed into a water mellon, I meant it changed into the colours of a water mellon, in teh same striped form. :)
Written by Ric Hard on 2006/06/05

The G.. He also said With Metal Gear solid 2 that it was suppose to be the last Metal Gear. So we really don't Know if they will port it or not. I read the joystiq article as well they just claim that it's hard to believe the Cell problem because where the news came from. But I don't think they prove it was fake.
Written by bob (280) on 2006/06/05

No, it will definitely come to 360. Companies like Capcom (Resident Evil) and Square Enix (Final Fantasy) are bringing their games to 360, so it would only make sense for Konami to port MGS even if Kojima has nothing to do with it. The same thing happened to Resident Evil 4 (original creator was against porting the game to PS2 and had nothing to do with it).
Written by Ric Hard on 2006/06/05

You bring up some good points bob..
Written by optaviusx on 2006/06/05

I don't know... I honestly don't see mgs4 coming to the 360 and I'd honestly hate for the 360 to get a sloppy port that wont take advantage of its gpu and cpu properly. Sure work done to split work on the cell spes can have a bit of benefit for multi-threading on the 360, but that doesn't mean its easy and it can either go extremely well or extremely bad. The last thing I'd want to hear is "OMG mgs4 for the ps3 better than 360 version of the game" and it would be primarly because it wasn't built ground up for the 360. We are more likely to get dmc4 than mgs4. To be honest I want mgs4 to stay ps3 exclusive I want a NEW kojima franchise on the 360.

Also it isn't just the cell having problems its the rsx too, but the rsx's issues should be worked out before launch or maybe it could delay the ps3 OR sony could launch rsx with the clockspeed at 480MHZ or 500MHZ like the 360 gpu, but that would be bad.

The cell local memory write to the XDR is 4GP/s whereas the cell read to local memory is 16MB/s... that is EXTREMELY bad and that info was released by sony themselves on a slide at GDC and sony made sure to put right below the 16MB/s read to local memory (no, this isn't a typo...)

The bad news relating to rsx is that the setup rate is 275 million triangles per second compared to the 500+ million triangles per second from the 360 GPU, now it was expected that the rsx wasn't as powerful as the xenos, but that is just bad and I hope it gets worked out before the ps3's release
Written by - The G- on 2006/06/05

Bob you forget that konami isnt square or capcom, and they dont have to follow suit. you also dont reliase that hideo has full control over all his work on konami. He chooses, and not konami, if they port it or not. He was the man who allowed the get go, for the gamecube version of mgs1, and the mgs2 port for xbox, even though his team was not behind the remake/port.

Also you fail to realise that square arent giving 360 the main final fantsy series, thier giving them another game, with final fantsy name put on the cover. Needless to say, a game with final fantsay put on the cover, isnt enough to make it a system seller (look at crystal chronicles), it is way to early to speculate if it will be a good game. And RE5 is coming for both ps3 and 360, and was never meant to be a ps3 original. This is completely diffrent from mgs4 which IS said to be a ps3 exclusive, and will most likely stay that way, unless thier is a major fallout with konami and sony.

As for the cell, unfortunately i dont understand or these numbers like opta. I would say however that when you have ibm, sony, and toshiba, working on a project, any problems with the cell, if thier is any, will be sorted. Also if you go to this famous site, linked on joystiqs article, they have checked all of cell's stats and they have not noted any problems. However many people have said that the inquirer, is basically the thecnology version of enquirer.
Written by Itaintrite on 2006/06/05

*Edited: No links.*
Written by optaviusx on 2006/06/05

I don't mean to bash the ps3, but as of now the inquirer facts I wont really doubt them why? Microsoft went through the same problems as well there is a reason a capcom developer said he didn't think sony would release the ps3 till march 2007. He was shocked they announced a legitimate release date and price at E3. 360 devs didn't get their hands on the final 360 cpu till about september... so its understandable if sony are having problems, but the problem sony has is no joke and they publically showed that the read to local memory was 16MB/s at GDC which is bad news (They plan to leave it like that?)

The gpu I already knew was weaker, but the big issue here is Microsoft and ATI had a fully operational xenos gpu for the 360 a year ahead of the 360 being launched. With so little time left for them to be having gpu issues is VERY serious. Even at 550MHZ the ps3 gpu is weaker than the 360's, but at 480MHZ (which is what its at now would be a potential disaster) Also those guys celebrating about it on the oxm site are idiots. I'm personally REALLY looking forward to a new god of war final fantasy XIII and versus 13 on the ps3 and I'd be extremely pissed if they aren't as good as I wanted them to be because sony couldn't deliver on the promised specs.

Sony's problem was they weren't ready to talk about the ps3 at E3 2005 to counter Microsoft they went out and announced spec numbers they THOUGHT they could achieve just to make the 360 look bad and its beginning to bite them. The fact that sony didn't list cell or rsx numbers at E3 2006 is very disturbing. MGS4 is going to be a blast the mgs games ont he ps2 look incredible what will he do with the ps3? Enough said pretty much the game is going to rock. Since its going to be the last mgs I don't see this game getting any less than a 9.5 as kojima will go all out.
Written by Bill Nye (20) on 2006/06/05

optaviusx, the Cell's 16MB/s read is not for the main (XDR) memory, it's for the video memory. Those slides were about the RSX, hence when they refer to local memory they're referring to the video memory. A very good indication of this is the RSX's read/write shown in the slides as 22.4GB/s, which is RSX's read/write with the video memory (already known). For all intensive purposes as far as graphics and videogames go, the Cell does NOT need to read from the video memory because everything stored there is simply rendered through RSX. However, Cell DOES have a decent write to the video memory with 4GB/s which adds to the fact that Cell can help with some graphics.

And as for MGS4, the real-time camouflage didn't look all that great in the trailer. But still cool none-the-less.
Written by cody (2) on 2006/07/10

i like the meatle gear games you are coll i hop you make another meatle gear games i would play it and remember it. i love the meatle gear games
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