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2005/11/29 10:59:08: Posted by DM
Namco sends along a slew of new screens from the new Pac-Man World Rally racing game. These screens are more than likley from the Gamecube version, but they came unlabeled. Click on the news title for more info and screens.

Namco Hometek today released screenshots and character details for Toc-Man, one of the 14 different playable racers in the upcoming kart racing title, "Pac-Man World RallyTM." Coming to the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Microsoft Xbox®, Nintendo GameCubeTM, PSPTM (PlayStation®Portable) system, and PC in the summer of 2006, "Pac-Man World Rally" features a cast of characters from the Pac-Man family and the Namco universe.

One of Pac-man's classic enemies, Toc-Man is a menacing robotic suit with a fearsome kart to match! Toc-Man was built by a ghost named Orson who found himself an outcast in Pac-Land due to his drab, gray color. In an attempt to be accepted in the colorful ghost community, he constructed the suit out of bright yellow scrap metal and became Toc-Man. After disappearing for awhile, Toc-Man recently reappeared when he opened a fully-automated factory dedicated to creating robot henchmen. It is unknown if Orson is still inside Toc-Man's robotic shell, or if the suit taken on a life of its own...

Like Toc-Man himself, this tank-inspired kart was pieced together from battle scraps. Built for top speed, but heavier than most karts and hard to handle, Toc-Man's kart isn't fast off the starting line, but makes up for it on the straightaways. Toc-Man must be very careful around turns, as the kart can lose traction easily; using the breaks can make a big difference.

"Pac-Man World Rally" features characters, courses and powerups from classic Namco games, and a selection of unique karts. Sophisticated power sliding mechanics and an array of white-knuckle multiplayer modes combine to make the fastest kart racing experience available.

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