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2006/06/28 8:07:12: Posted by DM
First off, Paul W.S. Anderson won't shoot this film until after he finishes the Deathrace 3000 remake. About the movie he says "It will integrate Dracula's origin story with the story of the Belmonts." Sounds interesting.

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Written by OptX (103) on 2006/06/28

It's really too bad Paul Anderson is directing. He is just a small step above Uwe Boll. This movie will likely be another craptastic video game to movie adaptation to kill the genre.
Written by anti-optaviusx 2.0 (107) on 2006/06/28

Who are they going to cast to play the abino, white-haired, androgenous leads?
Written by VaeVictus on 2006/08/04

Jamie Foxx.
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