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How The DS Beat The PSP (And How Wii Will Beat PS3) >
2006/07/28 10:08:30: Posted by purbeast
Here is an article where the author goes into some detail as to why he believes even though the DS is technically inferior to the PSP, it still beat it out in pretty much every category. He even goes on to explain how he believes the Wii will beat out the PS3 this time around as well. It's a good read, click on the link for the full article.

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Written by Edge of Blade (68) on 2006/07/28

Forgive me for "me too"ing a comment, but I have been saying the exact same thing for months and months when the console war was still fresh, before there was even the pudding to have the proof in.
Written by Fruity Loops ZX (249) on 2006/07/28

Nothing new here.

The analysis is pretty weak, entirely anectodal, and really is just his personal opinion (of which there are plenty on this board alone).
Written by Nemesis IX (371) on 2006/07/28

i wish the second part will be true. its just his biased opinion. odio lo ps3
Written by nixon (203) on 2006/07/28

i thought about this already how wii will beat ps3.

i know a lot of ppl who owns ps2 said they either gonna own xbox360 or wii ! ps3 is asking about 500 plus a game ! i meant one game thats it !
Written by optaviusx on 2006/07/28

The wii will be good, but it has absolute no chance of beating the ps3.

People always want the best most impressive looking piece of hardware with strong capabilities. People may not like the ps3's price and hell there are people that don't like the 360's price, but the fact still remains whether you can afford it currently or not people still are excited at the very thought of owning one of the 2.

Wii may start out with a lot of momentum and to be honest... if the strong games and square support keeps coming something may be pulled off, but I think as time goes on the ps3 will establish superiority over the wii.
Written by Nemesis IX (371) on 2006/07/28

all the scangers will buy the ps3 more so then anybody else.
Written by Itaintrite on 2006/07/28

"the DS is a better value, period"

"In contrast to the PSP's free browser, the DS browser is estimated to cost $35"

"At E3, Sony showed the controller with motion sensing capability, though some were unimpressed calling it an after thought"

"Sony is not talking but their unit will probably include a hard drive. Their media is, not surprisingly, the proprietary Blu-ray. I don't need to say anything but: Betamax, Minidisc, UMD, Memory Stick, ATRAC, which were all resounding successes"

Despite the fact the author of this article did manage to point out some valid points about the PSP (more expensive, less games etc), it still seems too biased with outdated info to me. ALL PS3 will come with a hard-drive. And he totally dismiss the fact that Sony made both CDs and DVDs successes with their PSX/PS2 respectively. He also seems to ignore the MANY positive feedbacks from developers regarding the gyro-controller. And how about the fact that the Wii won't have the hardware power of the PS3? This will definitely show in the next few years.

Bottom line? Nintendo Wii is a NEW generation of gaming console, but at a cost. In time, it will be the standard for every gaming console. For now? Just a gimmick.
Written by - The G- on 2006/07/28

Some people are trully dellusional
Written by ASN (54) on 2006/07/28

Please STFU with that "Gimmick" bullshit about the Wii. I heard the same crap from people how the dualscreens are a gimmick and PSP will Own the DS and it's the other way around. The only thing good about the PSP is the homebrew and ISO rips.
Written by Nemesis IX (371) on 2006/07/28

your a funny guy ASN, your obviouly dislusionan with tht psp comment it totaly sucks. your talking balls there. "Eireann go braigh"

i meant the psp or pisp as a few people i no call it.
Written by ASN (54) on 2006/07/28

Yea I can be funny at times but you take the bar for spelling :)
Written by Nemesis IX (371) on 2006/07/29

ASN Europe spells with propper English as North America use there/your version of english, an example is " EU Colour / USA Color. i no you mean the word i wrote dislusionan but that's an abstract version of delusional. its not used much anymore, so there's an english lesson for you.
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