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2006/08/09 12:18:39: Posted by DM
The Halo movie, which is being produced by Peter Jackson, finally has a director. Do not expect to know his name, though, Halo will be his film debut. Neill Blomkamp, who is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and original artists currently working in short films and commercial advertising, will be the head man on set. The special effects in the film will be done by the same team behind the Lord Of The Rings movies, and distributed by Universal. To be honest folks, using a newbie director could be the best thing to happen to this movie, or the worst. If you know any of Mr. Blomkamp, fell free to comment here and tell us about it.

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Written by sharod on 2006/08/09

Here's a link to what hthe director has done. None of which sounds or looks that great, but who knows he might do an awesome job! Oh yeah, he's only 27 too!

Written by VaeVictus on 2006/08/09

Will it be a LoTR, or crappy King Kong? Let's hope it is up to LoTR standards.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/08/09

This movie is pretty much going to be incredible. Good actors please like we see in lotr not some crappy idiot one liners.
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/08/09

sounds like goint to be a good movie!
Written by ZzZzZz (1) on 2006/08/09

Written by Test (102) on 2006/08/09

Wonder who theyre gonna get to play MC. Maybe some unknown actor, or who knows, hopefully someone badass.

What about the guy from the Punisher?
Written by otoole on 2006/08/09

i like where they are going with this movie so far. this movie needs to have its own style, hence the director.

I would like to see vin deisel play MC. He has a similar build and his voice can match that of Master Cheif's voice in the games.
Written by Doc (128) on 2006/08/09

To get keep up with this... imdb.com/title/tt0464037/ Great site BTW. Let's just hope it doesn't follow the footsteps of BloodRayne or Doom. Both adaptations kinda sucked. The Rock is cool, but not in these game to movie adaptations.

Otoole, let's just hope. Either way, the actors will only be as good as the director. With a high profile adaptation such as Halo, Peter Jackson can't afford a miss.

Should we look forward to a 3 part movie--same as the game?
Written by DM on 2006/08/09


Should we look forward to a 3 part movie--same as the game?


most definitely man, sequels mean bigggggggg money, especially a tailor-made trilogy like Halo, and after all, the producer is responsible for making what is probably the third best movie trilogy of all time
Written by LC (109) on 2006/08/09

MC can be played by any guy wearing the suit. However I vote for stuttering john to do the voice over.
Written by DepheCt (274) on 2006/08/09

10 to 1 they have him take off his helmet to some star that is only on screen for 15 seconds at the end and it ruins the whole halo series cause we find out MC is really edward scissor hands... Bad times.
Written by otoole on 2006/08/09

^^ that will never happen. they follow guidelines, you know.
Written by Oen on 2006/08/09

"fell free"

Feel free right?
Written by djjsin (53) on 2006/08/10

Crappy King Kong? King Kong was bad ass.

and i'd like to hear what the 2 trilogies that are greater then LOTR are? Please dont say star wars, godfather or the matrix. None of those compare to the grandure and masterfulness that is LOTR.
Written by Uwe Boll (1) on 2006/08/10

I was this close to directing that movie
Written by GP (17) on 2006/08/10

LOL, get away from our video games Uwe!
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