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2006/08/11 11:54:13: Posted by DM
Less than two days ago, MS announced that a relatively unknown Hollywood player, Neill Blomkamp, would be directing the Halo big screen adaptation. Neill is apparently a big fan of the game series, and plans to make the movie accordingly. The movie will be based more on the original Halo XBox story, rather than the sequel, and Masterchief himself will be mostly a man in costume. Of course, he will be enhanced by CGI.

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Written by kidkit on 2006/08/11

His shorts are pretty cool so far. That said, I'm still a hater of Game Based Movies, at least this one has a 1/2 palatable story.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/08/11

Very nice CGI enchanced Master Chief ;)
Written by VaeVictus on 2006/08/11

As long as it isn't Uwe Boll, Paul W.S. Anderson, or Michael Bay directing, we should be relatively safe from bad video game to movie translation. Let's just hope that P Jackson, if he gets involved at all, brings his LoTR sensibilities and not King Kong. King Kong was the epitome of suck.
Written by otoole on 2006/08/11

^^ king kong is actually a pretty good movie. Did you even see it? the animations are just as gorgeous as the LOTR animations. This is not just an adventure movie filled with endless action seens. its a love story, a story of a dream, and a story of the imagination. Characters rise and fall just as in LOTR. I'd describe it more like a drama/adventure movie rather than just and action adventure movie.
Written by blah on 2006/08/12

The story is there, the action is there, the characters are all there. All they need to do is pull it off and not make it crappy :D

Oh and thank god WETA is doing the CGI for this movie, you all can expect realistic CGI unlike the crap CGI in Spiderman 2 lol. The movies WETA did were LOTR and King Kong, basically any movie Peter Jackson is involved in WETA was there for it.
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