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Sega Announces Yakuza Sequel, Movie >
2006/09/04 14:26:27: Posted by vividbreeze
Sega of Japan has launched a website promoting a sequel to its PlayStation 2 crime-themed game Yakuza, as well as a movie version of the game by acclaimed director Takashi Miike. Yakuza the game will be hitting the shelves next week, be sure not to miss it! The Yakuza website is the place for the story, screens, and trailers of the movie, check it out.

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Written by DepheCt (274) on 2006/09/04

Haha, Is this going to be like "Shenmue : The movie" all over again?
Written by mike_mgoblue on 2006/09/05

Shenmue was a good game, but for crying out loud, all Shenmue: The Movie represented was cut-scenes of gameplay, if you would have done everything in the perfect way. The movie was entertaining, but the game was a lot better.
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/10/03

yes very good , but where is SHENMUE 3?
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