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2006/11/01 9:31:18: Posted by DM
Nintendo has released three new screens from The Legend Of Zelda Wii edition. For those who are claiming the the Wii's graphics are sub-par, this really should end the debate. The game looks great, espcially the shot with Link and his pals at the waterfront.

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The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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Written by Matt (160) on 2006/11/01

Looks awful to me, much worse than I expected :( I'm tempted to cancel my wii order as there's much more for 360 that I want and it seems you have to aim at the sensor bar rather than the screen :/

Written by Mash (118) on 2006/11/01

What a troll. Just put your sensor bar on top/in front of your TV.
Written by nock on 2006/11/01

You're crazy, dude!!! The game is shaping up nicely. Looks good, everyone who's played recent versions say it plays good...This is THE GAME to pick up for the Wii. It could very possibly get Game of the Year awards (though it is in for some stiff competition from GoW, R:FoM and FFXII
Written by VaeVictus on 2006/11/01

Zelda is a great sedative. Looks to be another cartoony game that is just a rehash of a GC title. I can't understand the reason why people like this series. Dancing around w/ the Wii'chuck to play the game doesn't appeal to me at all. But hey, that's just me. I am not interested in the Wii, so those who will be offended, don't be. My opinion means nothing and besides, it's not directed at you, just the game. :-)
Written by Matt (160) on 2006/11/01

So stating my opinion makes me a troll now? Perhaps you need to look up what a troll is.

Placing it on top/in front of the TV is still different to pointing directly at the TV (like a light gun).
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/11/01

Do your guys forgot that the wii graphics core(ati "hollywood") is not the same as the gamecube? will not be a big surprise if this came come with some extra polygons...and effects. even the cpu will not come with basicly the same performance...like many people have been saying.,,is the same architecture but overcloked.

p.s - the game is looking really good. and many other wii game graphics will surprise us.

Written by kidkit on 2006/11/01

It looks good enough for me... Sign me up :)
Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/11/01

obviously I'm not expecting graphics like the xbox360 or ps3 , but we cant anymore that is basicaly a gamecube in terms of performance.

*we cant say
Written by Fruity Loops ZX (249) on 2006/11/01

FF12 (for a last gen. system) looks better than this. Oh well, its Zelda...
Written by Nemesis IX (371) on 2006/11/01

what ever this looked like i was still going to get it, the Wii is the only console i think people will be missing something special if they don't try it.
Written by lamuness (2) on 2006/11/01

Obviously no one saw the sarcasm in that first comment...
Written by Matt (160) on 2006/11/01

My comment? I wasn't being sarcastic unfortunately :(
Written by Deihmos (38) on 2006/11/01

I am on the same page as you Matt. I really don't see how anyone over 16 could be remotely interested in Wii. Why would anyone want to dance around with a contrller to play a game? I am 100% positive that Wii wil die an early death. This kind of thing worked better with a handheld.
Written by Nemesis IX (371) on 2006/11/01

its funny people don't like the Wii all the game developers/modelers i no can't wait to get a Wii so if there excited about this so should all of you. even the most bitter PSP fan i no are excited by the Wii's potential.
Written by Deihmos (38) on 2006/11/01

They are excited because it's cheap but they will soon be changing their minds. Plus not as many are excited as you might think. I don't see many 3rd party exclusives on Wii.
Written by nock on 2006/11/01

You obviously aren't looking hard enough then.
Written by Odins_wrath (214) on 2006/11/01

come on! lol you cant help but feel good about the wii. if you don't , don't get it. i will definitely be getting one. i cant live with out fire emblem , Zelda, and super smash bros.! if you haven't played them i understand how you might feel negatively toward the wii .
Written by nixon (203) on 2006/11/01

holy smoke

the graphic looks damn great.

and this is also like gamecube, thats weird....

lighting effect looks better than anything i ever seen, i think nintendo is making this game in to like must have, remember in any gaming site or magazing, their' favourite game of all time was ocarina of time, well not anymor ecause of this game twilight princess is comming soon !

thanks to the ppl who respect zelda franchise

and its funny ppl who actually likes the graphic will bash since they hate nintendo or the game, and yea they will say, i used to be fan of nintendo, that doesn't matter !

to me i don't care about any video games anymore i am tired of playing the same on, maybe wii should make me play it, but like i said DS didn't interest me ! at all so i don' tknow someone gota make video games different.
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