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2006/11/03 22:04:32: Posted by DM
According to IGN, the Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Wii version is indeed superior to the GCN version. Of course, the GC version is great, a fitting swan song for the old console, but the new control scheme and graphics are worth getting a Wii for. According to IGN, that is, we will make our own decisions come launch day.

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The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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Written by whYte420 (113) on 2006/11/04

Already got a 360, buying a Wii for sure and still waiting on a reason to buy a PS3....
Written by Yakuza on 2006/11/04

yeh its same with me got a 360 plan on getting a wii but im not sure about ps3 until theres a game i want.
Written by Nemesis IX (371) on 2006/11/04

yes i agree, love the 360, getting a Wii not convinced on the ps3 yet.
Written by Smarty Pants (291) on 2006/11/04

I used to be a die-hard Zelda fanatic; it was Zelda or nothing. Then i discovered other games that were just as good and fulfilling; so, its not a something i would buy a console for anymore.

So, i will probably get PS3 (if i can get a hold of one) and mooch some ZTP play time off my friend's Wii.
Written by Unknown (174) on 2006/11/04

I'll get both, but i'll have a better time with Wii than Ps3 atm, their launch games other than resistance probably doesn't appeal me, but then again which systems other than nintendo have appealing launch titles?

Well kind of scratch that for gamecube....
Written by Odins_wrath (214) on 2006/11/05

i can barely believe there is a new zelda coming out in two weeks! lol im getting excited over a game i started playing 11 years ago.
Written by Odins_wrath (214) on 2006/11/05

lol cant help myself to comment again . this will probably be in the top 10 games of all time.!>! i think i liken this to oblivion x 3
Written by ThatGuyOverThere (16) on 2006/11/05

i'm a little angry that nintendo delayed this game so long, "coincidentally" to drop at teh same time as the wii, and put so very much work in to the wii version. But then, I never even got around to finishing wind waker yet... so who am I to say?

Anyhow, I'll be at the launch party in NYC to pick this one up... so, i dunno, i guess i'm not all that mad at them.
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