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No FFXIII For 2007 Confirmed >
2007/01/29 10:54:44: Posted by DM
According to FF-XIII.net, Tetsuya Nomura, designer of FFXIII, has confirmed that Final Fantasy will not debut on the PS3 until 2008. According to Famitsu, Square still needs to wrap up a few projects before concentrating on FFXIII.

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Final Fantasy XIII

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Written by Itaintrite on 2007/01/29

A pretty negative view on the announcement heh. It could've been "FFXIII slated for 2008 release" but nope, you opted for a less pleasant topic.

Anyhow, I think it's a good thing to put the project on hold till they can fully focus on it. Look at FFXII and how long that took. Then look at the reviews it's received, or even better, go play the game yourself.

Can't wait for 2008.
Written by Sky on 2007/01/29

good news let them take there time
Written by LiK on 2007/01/29

no surprise considering FFXII took quite a bit of time to make. i'd probably expect them to take longer than that for the next installment.
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/01/29

This is no surprise at all; I have never ever seen a Final Fantasy game that wasn't delayed multiple times. In all likelihood, we will see this game delayed again in the future.

One thing is for sure, though: We will not see Final Fantasy XIII released in North America or Europe until sometime in 2009. The earliest it will be released in Japan is sometime in 2008, but a translation for North American and Europe will take a very long time.
Written by Tecno_Geek on 2007/01/29

I cant wait to play this masterpice.

Unbiased professor:

Stop your stupid assumptions , how to you know that they are making the translation at the same time as the oringal japaneses voices and text to same time?

Maybe learning how to contain your sony backrupt fantasies would be a good step in orded to justify your nickname " UNBISEAD".
Written by Sky on 2007/01/29

@ unbiased

1. FF13 hasent been delayed because theres no actual release date

2. other then FF12 no other FF has EVER been delayed (prove me wrong)

3. even if you was right and FF13 is relased in 09 to the US( which i doubt) blu ray games are region free.. so those hardcore FF fans can IMPORT!

PlayStation Universe is reporting that Final Fantasy XIII has been confirmed for release in 2008. The news is based on an interview with Tetsuya Nomura (Director of Final Fantasy Versus XIII), which appeared in the January 19 issue of Japan's Famitsu magazine (the cover of which we've photographed here to make Joystiq prettier).

Closer inspection of the interview reveals that Nomura simply made the following statement with regard to Versus XIII:

"We're planning to have the final in-game graphics prepared at some point during 2007, so please wait for that -- and then we can speak about Versus XIII in more detail."

In light of that, a 2007 release for Versus XIII does seem unlikely, we admit, although not impossible. Release timings for Final Fantasy XIII and Agito XIII are not mentioned, though, and in the latest issue of Famitsu (February 9) all three games are still listed as having "unconfirmed" release dates.
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/01/29

Response to Sky:

Friend, I have been reading videogame magazines since the first issues of Gamepro, Gameplayers, Nintendo Power, and EGM were released. I can tell you for a fact that almost every 3D Final Fantasy game has seen some type of major delay. Even the 2D games on the NES and SNES saw delays...Haven't you ever heard of a game called Final Fantasy III...that game saw lots of delays, and it was written about many times in gaming magazines because it was looked forward to quite a bit; that is why people appreciate the Nintendo DS version quite a bit.

As far as easy proof is concerned for a delay, have you ever heard of Final Fantasy VII??? That game was originall supposed to be developed for the "Ultra 64," but ended up on the Playstation years later, after several delays! That is considered a legendary delay in gaming history, because the simple announcement is what made the Playstation go from a poor selling system in Japan to a great selling system. That hasn't happened with the Playstation 3, though...which means it won't be able to rely on FF XIII to generate sales in Japan. If Final Fantasy XIII is announced for the Xbox 360 in Japan, then you can bet that sales will become extremely high for the Xbox 360 in that market!

Square/Square-Enix had/has was/is a game company that carefully words things so that they can be seen as a delay or not seen as a delay. For example, Square-Enix didn't officially say that FF XIII was going to be released in 2007; however, ever since the 2005 E3, they have STRONGLY suggested that it would be released in 2007. This technically does allow a person to say, "There was no 'official' delay," but in all honesty experienced game fans know that there were unplanned delays that Square-Enix did not welcome...they would love to release the game in time for Christmas of 2007.

The ability of the PS3 to play imported games is not that good of a thing: trust me, I imported Motorstorm, and I felt like I wasted a lot of money because it isn't very good. It is no surprise that the Playstation 3 is doing so poorly in Japan, because they REALLY seem to be rushing games out in an unfinished way over there!!!

I agree that it is nice that Square-Enix is taking their time with FF XIII, but there is a limit when you have to say, "That is too much time, because there are too few games on the Playstation 3 game system."

I think that Final Fantasy XIII is really giving the Square-Enix developers a lot of problems on the PS3, or else Square-Enix would not have completely abandoned their custom-designed graphics engine the way that they recently did. Square-Enix says that all of their new games will not be developed using the Unreal Engine, when means that Xbox 360 support is going to become even higher.
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