Persona 4 Coming To PS2 In Spring >
2007/12/18 18:39:24: Posted by DM
Atlus has announced a fourth installment in the widly popular cult RPG, Persona. The game was revealed during a finanacial update by Atlus. Also take note, the "first half" of the financial year for Atlus we believe is Aug 07- Jan 08. Remember, fiscal years differ from regular years.

As for consumer software, the company plans one release in 1H2008, followed by nine in 2H2008, including "Etrian Odyssey" for the DS and "Persona 4" for the PS2"

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Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2007/12/18

This really is a perfect example of how the success of the PS2 and the committment to the PSP ended up hurting the PS3 in a major way.

PSP caused Sony's resources to be divided; that was why Microsoft said they would focus 100% on the home console industry with the Xbox 360.

PS3 and PSP might have more games if Sony chose one to focus on directly...instead, both end up being disappointing, especially the PS3, because of lack of resources.

I think it would be much more intelligent to release an RPG like this on the newer consoles, not the PS2.

For example, just look at the way the awesome RPG/TPS game called Mass Effect sold one-million copies in less than three weeks.
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