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Rumor: Home To PS3 In July - Wipeout HD In May >
2008/03/17 15:00:28: Posted by HoTHiTTeR
This one has to be labeled in huge letters as RUMOR. Supposedly, Sony's Summer schedule for PSN releases has been dropped into the hands of a spanish news site. It details Home as a July release, Wipeout HD as a May release and many other dates for expansion packs and trailers. Namely, Resistance 2 trailer which should drop mid-April.

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Written by dudeman on 2008/03/17

The main thing for me is Socom Confrontation Trailer next Month and a release window of sometime in July!
Written by The Limey on 2008/03/17

I couldn't care about 'home', but I'm looking forward to Wipeout HD.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/03/17

no one cares about home just like xbox live, till it comes out, ppl will shut up,


And the funny part is, I hate wipeout, how can anyone like that game... I'd rather play EXTREME G
Written by The Limey on 2008/03/17

Home is nothing until Sony can prove that they can provide an online service to at least the standard of XBOX Live. Sony has a long way to go...maybe they should walk before they run. PS3 downloads are still far too slow, if this is an indication of home, then they can keep it. Also the thought of having to walk through a MMO like experience to play a quick game against my friends sounds totally Sh*T. I won't mind if Sony charged for an online service as long as it didn't suck.

Black Tiger, I guess if I wanted an opinion on what is a good game, I would ask a 360 owner, just kidding. I have enjoyed the Wipeout series since the original Playstation and this looks to be a good update, but maybe I'm getting old.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/03/17

lol ! no one gets old when it comes to a true gamer !

I'm on your side but not when it comes to wipeout,

that game i swear i never understood but i dont care anyways,

But Home your right i was never fan of MMO but the fact that its a different whoel view of SIM CITY, i kinda like it, although it ain't gonna be my game ! but for sure i'll be building my beautiful house and fool around, hey there is running around there is bike and and roller blades and etc, so really it sounds much better than i ever thought... and the fact that all yoru friends can go to arcade and see what they offer sounds to realism which agains sounds better than SIM CITY !

But anyways i only care about GT5 and Killzone and gears of war !

those are hardcore games, and I can't wait for those !
Written by B1ueBurneR on 2008/03/18

Blacktiger, I'm i reading right, did you say build your beautiful house and fool around with roller blades? dude thats gay....

Home needs to be released pronto, its been hyped up for too long, and PS3 fans have be "Waiting Beyond" pass past release dates.
Written by dudeman on 2008/03/18

HOME is not an MMO. i'm just sayin.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/03/19

home is gay just like SIM, but ppl still like... it !
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