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Digital Life Expo In New York City Cancelled >
2008/08/22 14:37:57: Posted by DM
Ziff Davis, the movers and shakers behind the Digital Life Expo in New York City, has cancelled the event for 2008, citing "poor economic conditions." Whatever that means. Ziff Davis recently announced a bankruptcy reorganization, we think that might have something to do with it. Stay tuned for any more info, it is your as soon as we get it.

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Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/08/23

"Poor Economic Conditions" is something that represents the term our economy is currently involved in due to the poor decisions made by President Bush and his staff during their tenure.

Obviously this would not improve with McCain as president, because he has admitted that he knows very little about how to control an economy.

Economies may go in "cycles" but those "cycles" are definitely something that can be controlled in many ways. Cycles of "ups" and "downs" will always occur, but major cycles known as Depressions and Recessions can easily be avoided altogether if correct decisions are made over long periods of time.

Bush didn't make the correct decisions, and now all Americans in the middle-class or lower are feeling the hardship.

Oh well, at least guys like Bush and McCain won't feel the pain:

Bush didn't even know gasoline had reached the price of $4 per gallon...and McCain said he only owned four homes, when he actually owns NINE mansions!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you do NOT want a guy with a poor memory like that as Commander in Chief...the guy may forget what point in time he is living in and start a war with someone who is now an ally!
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