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2008/09/09 13:15:30: Posted by DM
Well, the rumors were true. 3D Realms has decided to make Duke Nukem into a Hollywood Big-budget Film. The producer of the upcoming Max Payne movie is going to head up the project, and work on the Duke Nukem scenario for the movie that will live up the game's history will begin soon. The Max Payne movie has taken almost 10 years to realize, so we know that this producer will not settle for a mediocre script. This is good news, folks, but if the movie is delayed as long as Duke Nukem Forever, we will have a new favorite game world joke!

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Duke Nukem Forever

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Written by VaeVictus on 2008/09/09

I finally saw the trailer for Max Payne the movie. Mila Kunis = FTMFW. She is delicious. It actually looks like that movie may be good.

I can't imagine a Duke Nukem movie being good. They'd have to find the right character to play him, and frankly hollywood doesn't have anyone who could play Duke.

Written by The Ow In Wow8 on 2008/09/09

Clive Owen
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