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Games To Overtake HMV In Sales At HMV >
2008/09/09 16:12:37: Posted by DM
Simon Fox, a representative from HMV, told The Sun recently that while music sales will account for just one quarter of sales, while video games will account for almost 20% of total sales, and sell more every month. This is not surprising, of course, as retail music sales have been dying for a while, but it is nice to see that video games are finally big enough to be able to swing its weight around to better the lives of us gamers!

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Written by madgunde on 2008/09/09

I guess the big question for retailers like HMV is what will you sell once sales for video games starts to decline? I think it's a forgone conclusion that eventually games will go the way of music, migrate to online distribution (XBox marketplace, PS Store and Apple's App Store). So how many years do you guys thing HMV has to enjoy video game sales before they have to start looking for the next thing to bail them out? Will the 'next' generation of consoles still be so heavily reliant on physical media or will it be the generation after that before digital distribution puts the final nail in the physical retail format? Or am I just completely out there and there will always be a need for physical media?

Oh, and I didn't mean to leave out Nintendo WiiWare, just couldn't remember what it was called when I posted that.
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