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Halo MMO Had Been 'Green Lit' Before Cancelation >
2008/11/17 15:02:40: Posted by DM
Ensemble Studios, recently shut down by MS, revealed that the Halo MMO they had staffed up to 40 people for, was green lit for production, and then suddenly canceled. The game was set before the original Halo, apparently when the Covenant was not quite the Covenant yet. Ensemble was heartbroken, but then again, MS has a pretty bad track record for MMO games. Tru Fantasy Live Online was one of the most anticipated MMO games out there, and then, suddenly canceled. To this day, gamers still want it resurrected. Once again, MS tried with Marvel Universe Online by Cryptic. Once again, canceled. The Halo MMO makes for a cancellation trifecta. We wonder where all these promised console MMO games are?

"We worked on it for a long time - we had staffed up an almost 40-person team," Pottinger said. "And then there was some reorganization at Microsoft, and the new bosses thought it wasn't the best idea any more."

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Written by madgunde on 2008/11/18

Probably a good thing. Halo is an FPS, and a great one at that. To try and turn it into something it isn't might only serve to tarnish it's brand value.
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