No Plans For Killzone 2 Co-Op Says Developer >
2009/01/14 10:23:31: Posted by DM
We are not sure what Guerrilla Games has done with the time since E3 2005, but according to the Killzone 2 developer, it has not been coding a co-op mode for the game. An in interview from CES that has just been posted at the PS blog, K2 director Mathijs de Jonge has admitted that there are no plans for a co-op mode. What the game is taking so ridiculously long and now there is not even a co-op mode is beyond us. The beta was impressive and fun, but we really hope they have a change of heart about co-op mode. We are sure this will stoke the PS3 vs Xbox360 flames.

De Jonge was cagey over the matter when we asked him back in August. "Co-op we're not talking about at the moment," he said, which seemed to hint that it'll be included, but he just doesn't want to disclose facts.

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Killzone 2

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Written by poprocker on 2009/01/14

This is what they've been busy doing


I'll summarize:

1. Eye Popping Presentation

2. Blood-Pumping Gameplay

3. Tools of Destruction

4. Killer AI

5. Monster Multiplayer

Written by Makaveli on 2009/01/14

"We are sure this will stoke the PS3 vs Xbox360 flames."

Why can't gamers just enjoy both systems, without having a pissing contest?
Written by Xenos on 2009/01/14

Nice sale's picth Poprocker, hope Sony's stuffing a check in your back pocket with comments like that.

@ Mak, where did that quote come from? Whoever it is should be shot, and I'm hardly joking when saying that.

As for the news, this has been known for some time and I would like to know why Halo 3 received A LOT of heat when co-op was in question, but for KZ2: eh it's ok, no biggy.

Love how many 2 faced hypocrites there are. <_<
Written by poprocker on 2009/01/14

Xenos, talk to IGN...not me.

Makaveli, 360 fanboys have been waiting for this game longer than sony fanboys. Just waiting to rip it, like they do everything else Sony related.
Written by Xenos on 2009/01/14

WTF are you talking about? Fanboys of both sides rip into each other no matter what, so of course this will be no different.

Sony gives the rest of the world to rip into, so it's not like any normal gamer is picking on them for no good.

KZ2 looks to be a good game and anyone that wants to deny or shy away from that is an idiot and shouldn't be taken seriously anyways.

Oops, Edit:

*Sony gives the rest of the world reasons to rip into them*

Written by poprocker on 2009/01/14

Are you trying to tell me KZ2 doesn't hold a special place in every 360 fanboys heart? Come on...seriously. It's about to get ugly...much uglier than usual.
Written by Xenos on 2009/01/14

No different than how Halo holds a place in any ps3's fanboy's heart.

I'm telling you that fanboys will unfairly rip into every big game or feature from any of the 3 companies. Of course this won't be any different.

You made it seems as though Sony was some poor victum in your earlier post, most of the shit that people has been slamming them for was from their own doing, much like the various comments about the 360 and the RRoD in the past which was warranted

@ Mak, I just realized that quote was from DM himself.

Nice job flaming the idiotic fanboy wars DM, I thought that's what your stupid side-site was for. No reason you won't ban fantards like Sky. <_<
Written by Cybercell on 2009/01/14

If theirs no co-op then the local mulitplayer must have been done away with as well.Seems like Sony is just focusing on multiplayer online but doesn't want people playing together on the same machine. Resistance 2 had this problem too w/ local multiplayer.
Written by incoming00 on 2009/01/14

no online co-op, i can live with that. its not like i have a huge friend list to play KZ2 with. no co-op at all whatsoever?! ok, that's pushing it. that means me and my gf cant enjoy the game together like we did gears 1/2 and many others.
Written by PimpDaddy on 2009/01/14

Does somebody need a tissue? Stop crying already. KZ2 is going to look great. KZ2 also wont possible come close to the hype that Sony, GG, and the SDF have generated. Just another shooter loaded with eye candy?

I predict another great "exclusive" game for the PS3 that nobody buys because some new Blu-Ray release is right around the corner.

incoming00: Take turns.

Xenos: I live for the flaming on this site. Ok not really. But you have to admit it can be fun to tear into each other. Especially since you have anger issues. So just let it all out and when your finished unleash a Primal Scream. RAH!!!!!

Makavelli: Yes we should all just be able to enjoy both consoles. Heck even the Wii. But when there are choices such as different consoles, it just cant happen in our world. This shit has been going on since Nintendo and Sega. Heck I remember my Atari 2600 vs the nieghbors Intellivision.

Poprocker: You know damn well if KZ2 tanks in scores or sales that I'm all over it :p
Written by poprocker on 2009/01/14

@ Pimp. Oh i know it. You had a blast wihen Haze came out :)
Written by Sky on 2009/01/14

Wow Every website I read says killzone 2 looks better then any game they ever seen. It's a Technical masterpiece. In some ways it outshines the infamous E305 trailer.. GG outdone then selfs and will be reconized as programming gods. they have produced the best graphics out of EVERY

console developer this gen thus far.
Written by Makaveli on 2009/01/14

^^^^^ Are you done with the ass kissing ????
Written by madgunde on 2009/01/14

Well that sucks that there's no coop. Would have liked to play through the story or even online specific coop maps, but c'est la vie I guess. The lack of coop does not automatically make it a bad game. Plenty of great games are lacking coop. But a good coop mode would certainly help make a great game even greater IMHO.
Written by Sky on 2009/01/14

KZ 2 deserves all the hype from its graphics.. everylast bit of it.. Someone was kind enough upload IGN KZ2 insider footage in HD on neogaf.. It was soo beautiful
Written by poprocker on 2009/01/14

Sky..that neogaf thread has been great. Love the animated gifs. A lot of praise has been streaming in from those on there that got review copies. The official thread is going to be EPIC!!
Written by Xenos on 2009/01/14

For programming Gods, they suck for not putting in co-op.
Written by Sky on 2009/01/14

Not every game is designed with co-op in mind Xenos.. there vison is a epic SP experiece and a very catchy co-op... dozens of media outlets have confirmed they have achieved that
Written by B1ueBurneR on 2009/01/14

wow... Sky... wipe it off your mouth its oozing out.
Written by Sky on 2009/01/14

Poprocker: Yes I can't wait for it.. if you get a chance add me on PSN user name is Sky2k

And yes B1ue the TRUTH is oozing out.
Written by Makaveli on 2009/01/14


How does Kaz Hirai ass smells like???
Written by Sky on 2009/01/14

A post from Sam Bishop I belive he works for 1up still

"FINAL final (or at least final review) builds of the game finally came in today (as opposed to the ones that were sent out like two full months before the game shipped). I would imagine some sites may do yet another set of comparison vids, but at the very least, any future media will likely come from this build as it's sure to have an extra layer of polish on it over the older ones. Just FYI... "

So they had added yet another layer of polish after the final review code has been shipped

Yikes GG am graphics gods

There's already a number of jounalist on gaf with the older review code ready to post there scores/reviews/impressions.. the embargo is up Feb 23rd I believe
Written by Xenos on 2009/01/14

Why not just admit that you're making this big deal because it's a ps3 exclusive? If this was on the 360 you would be slamming this game so hard.
Written by incoming00 on 2009/01/14


i wouldnt say graphic gods... more like graphic perfections or graphic whores, or graphic nitpicky programmers or graphic overkillers. graphic gods wouldn't have taken 4 years to match a CGI video :p
Written by Sky on 2009/01/14

Please point out what 360 games I "slammed hard" .. I rarely even talk about 360 games

If a 360 game looked as good as KZ2 I would be praising it too

@ incoming00 It diden't take 4 years to make CGI video quality GFX. as we have seen gamplay footage of the game for over a year and a half now. Keep in mind also they invented alot of new programming procedures creating this game.. those same procedures there using will be applied to future sony titles. I would really love the see this engine tweaked and whored out like the unreal engine(to a certain extent)
Written by PimpDaddy on 2009/01/14

I would just like to see Sky swallow Sonys load instead of spitting it out on this damn website.

Anyways although co-op was left out I am hoping the single player along with multiplayer even get a whiff of this unbelievable hype. If they do then this game will be worth purchasing.
Written by Xenos on 2009/01/14

Wow, yeah 4 years and $60 million+ worth of development contributes NOTHING to the graphics

What a pile of shit.

Sky, you've proven to know jack shit about engines, so leave your ignorant opinion out of it.
Written by incoming00 on 2009/01/14

i agree that we have seen gameplay footage for much longer than a year and half. and the trend i've seen that the graphics have been improving over and over again. as if the game was done but they kept enhancing the graphics. what i see now, which is most likely finalized in game, is what i see as near CGI-quality. anything before were just steps closer to it. like the first non-CGI KZ trailer looked good, but as time went on, it has had a lot of noticeable changes done to the game. remember, the KZ2 CGI trailer was at E3 05, and almost 4 years later its finally being released.
Written by Sky on 2009/01/14

Yes.. also keep in mind all the other things they were trying to nail like character design, gameplay, vehicle tweaks

@ Xenos.. where did you get the 60 plus Figure? did you pull it out of your ass?

Written by incoming00 on 2009/01/14

i have honestly never seen a game in development that has improved graphic-wise so much from what was first shown in-game. compare the first non-CGI trailer to the newest one and you'll see a huge difference. even character models are drastically improved! and the thing i keep hearing "thats a pre-pre-pre alpha video." "this one is a post-pre alpha video"......

seriously, if its an alpha or even beta video, why the fuck are they being shown?! like Home, this game was shown WAY too early and the developers obviously had to show something and instead gave us progress reports.


check that image out and you'll see what i'm talking about.
Written by Sky on 2009/01/14

It was shown way to early but I think it was a good thing so we could see the progression.. if you get a chance go to game trailiers and look at the old 2007 E3 trailer and look at Rico (the black guy) and then look at the very recent KZ2 intro trailer (which is on gametrailers) hes character model looks sooooo much better and I thought it was really good back then.
Written by Xenos on 2009/01/14

I want to puke when I read shit posts like yours.

"also keep in mind all the other things they were trying to nail like character design, gameplay, vehicle tweaks"

Do you seriously think the same people who are working on the engine are the same that are working on these other aspects? Every studio has an ENGINE TEAM these other aspects had no impact on the engine itself.

Fuckin idiot, you really need to stop talking about game development as you have no idea what you're talking about.

Also the $60 million dollar figure was from a European magazine that did a report on killzone, so no it's not out of my ass.

Leave it to Sky to play damage control and turn a topic about KZ2 lacking a feature, to gushing and spewing his fanboy load over this game.

he hasn't even played it but he's ready to call it the game of the year.

Fanboy for sure.
Written by VaeVictus on 2009/01/14

It is too bad about no Co-op, that would have been a nice feature.
Written by Sky on 2009/01/14

"I want to puke when I read shit posts like yours."

well don't read or comment on them... problem solved
Written by Xenos on 2009/01/14

How about you stop making shit up about things you don't know shit about?
Written by Sky on 2009/01/14

what did I make up? you and your 60 million dollor claim.. I will bet a paycheck you can't provide a link for that
Written by PimpDaddy on 2009/01/14




Written by Sky on 2009/01/14

Look at the source you clown


a blog website? LOL its even closed down
Written by Xenos on 2009/01/14

Wait a second, you laugh at him linking to a blog but just before you tried to use forums and fansite polls as "fact", how big of a fucking retard are you? Nevermind, I already know you're a huge fucking retard.

deny it all you want but at least i wasnt making it up. Like I said before, the real report came from an European magazine, dutch I think.

How is that even remotely impossible? GTA4 cost roughly $100 million while Halo 3 was around $30 million.

Think about it, a team of 150+ working on a game for over 4 years. That's not cheap, especially on the ps3, the most expensive console to develop for.

It's the time, money, and talent that lends to KZ2's looks, nothing else. Most companies would never spend those kind of resources on a FPS, but Sony had dug themselves in a hole with that pre-rendered fiasco.

So quit making shit up, enjoy your game, and shut up about it as most of us don't give two shits to what you think and say.
Written by PimpDaddy on 2009/01/14

Sky: Pay up you faggot. Open your mouth. I used the same "type" of facts as you try to pass off here on GamersReports. Are you a man of your word, or a lying bastard like the Sony PR your worship?

I provided links. Thats all you asked for. So Xenos didnt make it up. It took me 30 seconds to google those links too. Hope you did more work than that during the 2 weeks it took to earn your paycheck.

You just opened yourself up worse than your mom did last night. Are you going to honor your bet?
Written by poprocker on 2009/01/14

Come on now, "Sorry, the blog at softrockhallelujah.blogspot.com has been removed."
Written by Sky on 2009/01/14

exactly poprocker.. notice Xenos has not produced a link for me.
Written by Xenos on 2009/01/14

How the fuck am I supposed to produce a link for a mag? You won't take anything I post, and just twist it around like you have in the past.

You're so blind it doesn't matter, you can't speak to someone to has their head up someone's ass.

Who are you to even judge anything here? You don't know jack shit about development and if it wasn't about a ps3 game, you would believe it in a heart beat. Go fucking choke on Sony's nuts you fag.

You speak so much bullshit without backing it up and I've never made up shit, why start now?

You ignore 2 of the 3 links Pimp provides, and you ignore him completely with is later post.

You're such a fucking joke, why do you think anyone would take anything you say serious?

You can't give anyone ONE GOOD reason to why the budget wouldn't be that much, because you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

How can Halo 3 be $30 million, but Killzone's not be more? The ps3 is NOT cheap to develop for.

Fuck it, think what you want, I can post anything and you wouldn't believe it because you're so fucking blind it's sick. Just go play in traffic or something, I'm sure you'll have plenty of fun.

here's a report made in early 2007 that counted the CURRENT budget at $41 million+

In your sick mind, do you honestly think they amounted no more cost in the 2 years?


So fuck off

Remember Halo 3 had a budget of $30 million for 3 years, using some existing tech, some new.

Killzone 2 is entirely new tech. So go ahead, throw logic out the window to prove how retarded you are.

with that, I'm done, go choke on a dick. Because of your fucking retarded sony-lovin campaign, I have less of a reason to get a ps3 because I'd hate to even be involved with anyone as retarded as you.
Written by Xenos on 2009/01/14



involved playing games with anyone on the ps3 as retarded as you

I can't type today
Written by Sky on 2009/01/14

LOL so you read this "mystery" magazine? STFU Xenos.. if what your saying were true i'm sure it would be easily found online... just like EVERY other game whose budget is released

Pimps links had no source.. the only source that was givin was a shut down KZ hating blog

nobody read the magazine but you.(in your dreams).. I bet you can't even tell me what mag it is and the issue.. let me guess you bought it and it disappeared right?


Written by VaeVictus on 2009/01/14

How about those Arizona Cardinals?

Written by PimpDaddy on 2009/01/14

Cardnials are going to the SuperBowl.

Newsflash: This just in. Sky is a Sackless Sissy backing out of a bet. You spineless bastard. Just like I thought. You have no character.
Written by PimpDaddy on 2009/01/15

VaeVictus: I am calling Cardinals and Ravens right now. This has been some year for the NFL. Year of the underdog. Year of the upset. I mean seriously. Who would have thought the Cardinals would have home field advantage in the NFC Championship game when the season started?
Written by tr1p1ea on 2009/01/15

Lol why is it always everyone vs Sky in here? Cause he likes ps3 over 360?
Written by poprocker on 2009/01/15

Written by Xenos on 2009/01/15

No, that's not the reason and you two shouldn't need to be told that.

He makes even fanboys look bad with how blind, ignorant, and delusional he is. He doesn't hesitate to go out of his way to downplay/bash anything 360 related, he acts as though every new ps3 release is the next coming of Christ, he pulls shit out of his ass in defense of all things Sony, when proven wrong or given a point that he knows he can't debate he outright ignores it, and he's anything and everything BUT a gamer

He'll jump on and believe anything negative said about the competition while ignoring or debate with any legit criticism pointed towards the ps3 or Sony. NO company is perfect and EVERY company has made some drastic mistakes this gen, but if you were to ask Sky, Sony can do no wrong.

He's a pathetic soul who roams around here to do nothing more than to spread his FUD and stealth troll. On any other site he would be banned within a week, easily, but here there is no moderation and so he runs free with his bullshit.

How you two can not see this is beyond me. Just look at his last post towards me, he asked for a link, I provided a link that proves that KZ2 is a high budget title, and he completely ignores it. Look at the thread about no blu-ray on the 360 and you'll see that he tries to use forums and fansite polls as "fact" since his feelings were hurt by what a stupid MS exec said about blu-ray on the 360. Afterwards he chooses to downplay or flat out ignore everything that PimpDaddy and I post, citing no sources among other bullshit.

Everyone has bias or preference, usually for legit reasons, but sky is so slanted and blind that it's damn near mentally ill. This makes having any honest, mature, and most importantly EDUCATED discussion with him impossible. I fail to see how he's ever contributed ANYTHING to any topic or thread beyond providing the usual FUD or Sony loving speak.

Just look through his post history and if you guys still can't see why he's not liked on this site, then there is nothing more that can be said to open your eyes.
Written by B1ueBurneR on 2009/01/16

Xenos, I have to call you on that.. He didn't bash the 360 in this article, you're being a little bit dramatic as usual.

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