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2008/11/21 8:51:36: Posted by DM
The new Prince of Persia game is coming along nicely, and now, it looks like fans of Assassin's Creed will get to play their favorite building-jumper in the title. Altair, the main character from the other Ubisoft game, will be just one of the skins players can choose to play the game through with. They can also choose the classic Prince skin from the original Sands of Time. Great news.
2008/11/11 15:43:58: Posted by DM
Far Cry 2, the sequel to, what else, Far Cry, is sold 1 million copies worldwide. This is a pretty decent number to attain in three weeks, but the game is above average, for sure. As we noted in our review, the way fire spreads in the game is amazing, a real graphical coup. The open-world system in the game, which basically made it like Mercenaries 2 but in FPS view, was a great touch as well. We are not surprised it hit 1 million, and by the end of the year, it may even hit 3 or 4.
2008/11/11 12:27:47: Posted by DM
Ubisoft acquired another of the Activision-Blizzard sell offs yesterday, Sweden-based Massive Entertainment and their RTS brand World in Conflict. ActiBlizz keeps selling off its lesser studios, good ones as well. Click read more for the official info.


London, UK – November 10, 2008 – Today Ubisoft announced that it has acquired from Activision Blizzard the assets and all of the personnel of esteemed Malmö, Sweden- based studio Massive Entertainment®, as well as the real time strategy brand World In Conflict®.
2008/11/06 15:16:37: Posted by DM
Those hoping to fly through the air and get back up and cheer will have to do it only in their dreams, still, it seems. Ubisoft has dropped all plans to make a game themed after the TV show "Heroes." This follows the firing of the show's executive producers, reported by Variety this past weekend. The rights to the game have now also reverted back to NBC Universal. No word on if they have plans to make a game.
2008/10/31 19:56:07: Posted by DM
The demo for the new Naruto game, The Broken Bond, is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It weighs in at 765mb only. The other demo today, Mirror's Edge, on PS3 was fantastic, we must say. A breath of fresh air, like we have been saying all along.
2008/10/23 17:27:51: Posted by DM
Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot spoke a bit about the positive second quarter fiscal results, and Ubisoft's plans. He said that Ubisoft would not engage in any merger that would require borrowing funds beyond its assets on hand. In this economic climate, he said, that seems like the smart move. He spoke about acquisitions in Asia, even.

Specifically, Guillemot was asked about the possibility of acquisitions in Asia. "Asia is a good opportunity," he acknowledged, "but the problem is still that the companies that have products like free to play products or MMO games are still extremely expensive."
2008/10/21 12:19:24: Posted by DM
Ubisoft has announced that the original Prince of Persia Classic game will be coming to the Sony PSN. The remake of the original, which has already been released on the XBL Arcade, will be available Oct. 23, 2008.
2008/10/21 9:41:06: Posted by DM
Ubisoft has announced Tom Clancy's Endwar for both the Sony and Nintendo handheld units. Unfortunately, the revolutionary voice command system will not be included in either version, it seems. The DS will utilize the stylus fully, though, and the PSP will feature ad-hoc multiplayer play. Click read more for the full info.


SAN FRANCISCO - OCTOBER 20, 2008 - Today Ubisoft announced that Tom Clancy's EndWar™ will be released for the Nintendo DS™ system and the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system. Developed by Funatics Software and optimized for the handheld platforms, Tom Clancy's EndWar is rated T for "teen" and will ship to retailers on November 4, 2008.
2008/10/16 16:31:15: Posted by DM
The PSN HOME beta users now have a very interesting area to explore. The environments from Far Cry 2 are now explorable inside the HOME beta. You can head inside the space and dig deeper into the upcoming Far Cry 2 game and its African landscapes. You can visit a bombed-out train station that has been turned into a makeshift office for Reuben Oluwagembi, a journalist caught in the middle of the warring UFFL and APR factions. HOME beta users like us can check it out now, it is a pretty interesting idea.
2008/10/15 22:29:38: Posted by DM
Some of you were in the beta for Endwar , so you have experienced it already, but for those who have not, there is a demo available now on Xbox Live. The voice command for this game is amazing, it worked near-flawlessly in the beta, so now it must be near-perfect. The demo weighs in at 1.6gb, though, so get downloading!
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