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2008/10/30 11:17:13: Posted by DM
Atari has grabbed the publishing rights for the new Riddick game, Assault on Dark Athena, as well as the new Ghostbusters game that caused such a stir a few months ago. Both games are due out later next year, and although Atari claims the future is the "online space," it looks like they are hedging their bets with single player titles.

"It's very exciting to have Assault on Dark Athena as part of Atari's 2009 publishing line-up," said Phil Harrison, president of Infogrames, parent company of Atari.
2008/10/30 9:48:43: Posted by DM
Atari has revealed that there will be a demo for the totally revamped Alone In the Dark game, Inferno, on the PS3. The demo will be available on November 18, so we will truly see if the game was improved as much as is claimed. Click read more for the full info.


NEW YORK, Oct. 30: The PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system demo of Atari and Eden Games' innovative action survival creation Alone in the Dark®: Inferno is now available on the PLAYSTATION®Network. Atari and Eden Games have given the title a blazing rework for its PLAYSTATION®3 system debut on November 18. Responding to the feedback of media and gamers, the development team has turned up the heat to deliver an even more entertaining, immersive and action-packed blockbuster experience with a host of sizzling gameplay enhancements, red-hot content and an even more hellish storyline which has inspired the name Alone in the Dark: Inferno.
2008/10/15 9:16:41: Posted by DM
If the words of Dan Aykroyd himself are to be believed, the new Ghostbusters game may have been saved by publisher Atari. Aykroyd has been involved in the game, and he told a Dallas radio station that the game has been snatched up by Atari, but the bad news is it is more than a year away from release. Stay tuned.
2008/09/05 16:54:40: Posted by DM
Atari has listed the changes and improvements that the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark will feature. The Sony console edition is not due out until November of this year, but it may be worth rehashing if you own a PS3 and could not muddle through the Xbox360 version. Some of the changes include finer tuned controls, more tips, improved car and driving dynamics, and new scenes have been added. For the full list check the link.
2008/08/21 16:36:24: Posted by DM
Eden Studios, the developer of Alone in the Dark for Atari, has said it is preparing a patch for the Xbox360 version of the game. This patch will put the MS console edition of the game on par with the apparently heavily re-worked Sony PS3 version. The PS3 edition was shown at Leipzig by the developer, who owned up to the rather big flaws that the 360 version of the game suffered from. The initial reports are that the PS3 edition feels much better, to say the least. Of course, no word on when this patch may be available, by that time you should be able to pick up the game for Xbox360 used for a very cheap price.
2008/08/19 8:08:21: Posted by DM
Atari has released the first gameplay trailer for the Xbox360 edition of Race Pro. As you can see, the cars are officially licensed, and the game looks fantastic. These days, though, racing games are all looking amazing. If the frame rate holds up, it may be up there with GRiD.
2008/08/04 13:39:11: Posted by DM
Just a quick reminder, folks. Both the Alone in the Dark demo (1.3gb), and the Wall-e Demo (1.4gb) are now available on Xbox Live. As you can see, they are both fairly large, so better start downloading now.
2008/05/28 10:07:29: Posted by DM
Eurogamer got the chance to run through Alone In The Dark. Many of you may not know, but AOTD was more or less one of the first survival horror games ever made. Before Resident Evil, before Silent Hill, the Alone In The Dark fans were jumping at shadows. The game franchise has been pretty paltry lately though, with a crappy Uwe Boll movie thrown in to boot. Well, that may be all over, according to Eurogamer, this game could be one of the "most compelling single player experiences" yet this gen. Let's hope so.
2008/05/23 14:24:40: Posted by DM
Phil Harrison, the new president of Infogrames (in case you forgot he is not a Sony man anymore), recently attended a press junket for Alone in the Dark in the US. At this event, he sat down with GamaSutra to answer a few questions, and tell us why Atari/Infogrames is not likely to indulge in high-budget, single player, hardcore gaming for much longer.
2008/05/15 15:57:16: Posted by DM
Just a heads up, folks. The demo for DBZ Burst Limit is now available on Xbox Live. It weighs in at 480mb, so it is not that big of a download. It is single player only as far as we can tell.
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