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2008/12/03 16:39:56: Posted by DM
Nintendo has told Edge that the Wii Horrorscope channel will not be available in Europe. What makes it even more ironic is that Europe is especially tolerant of things like horrorscopes, etc, so why Nintendo is deciding not to release it overseas is a mystery to us.
2008/12/02 10:14:42: Posted by DM
Nintendo's latest handheld keeps up the tradition of high sales, with the new DSi selling over 500k units in November in Japan. The data was provided by Enterbrain, a reputable numbers recording agency overseas. We cannot wait to see what happens when the DSi hits North America this Spring.
2008/12/01 15:11:05: Posted by DM
Once again, despite Reggie Fils-aime's claims that there will be more than enough Wii consoles to go aroudn this Holiday season, eBay just released info stating that the Wii is the most searched item on the entire site. Go figure. And kudos to Nintendo for making their own machine that prints money.
2008/12/01 10:25:39: Posted by DM
We hope everyone had a long, fattening, Thanksgiving (if you are in North America that is). Space Invaders get even in the game, well, Space Invaders Get Even. In terms of the Virtual Console, Metal Slug 2 is the game of choice. Click read for tor the full info.


After a long, lazy holiday weekend, it's time to shake off your post-Thanksgiving daze. Need some suggestions for boosting your activity level back into the red? Let the latest additions to the Wii™ Shop Channel be your guide:u Take command of a UFO in an epic space battle, get yor engine revving as the leader of a frenzied pit crew, or storm the battlefield in a high-tech military mêlée. With all this excitement, you may be ready for another vacation day sooner than you think.
2008/12/01 10:01:14: Posted by DM
The Actually Wii console and Wii Fit were among the top sellers this past Black Friday. Despite Reggie Fils-Aime's promises, who is the president of NoA, the units were sold out early and often. Not surprised, folks.
2008/11/26 10:16:36: Posted by DM
Enterbrain, publisher of Famitsu Magazine in Japan, is reporting that the Wii console has sold just over 7 million units in the Land of the Rising Sun. Despite this accolade though, sales are starting to decline, it seems. Then again, the Holiday Season pick-up is about to start again, if it has not already, so better buy those units now.
2008/11/25 10:49:29: Posted by DM
Nintendo had originally announced that only first time users of brand new Wii Speak accessories would be able to use the activation code that comes with the product. This inadvertently (or not) screwed over any used Wii Speak hardware purchasers. Well, the big N is now offering replacement codes for those who need to use the Wii Speak accessory on a replacement console or need to replace a misplaced code. Good to hear Nintendo is not being totally unreasonable.

"Any consumer who may have misplaced their Wii Download Ticket number for the Wii Speak Channel or require a new number following a Wii exchange may contact their local Nintendo Customer Services department, where they can request a replacement Wii Download Ticket number."
2008/11/24 11:25:47: Posted by DM
This week, Boogerman is coming to the Wii Virtual Console.In the Wiiware department, there will be a new Sudoku puzzle game, and a game called Boingz, a weird, stretch-the-alien game. Click read more for the full info.


This week, it's all about you. By adding three new single-player games to the Wii™ Shop Channel, we're helping gamers turn their Wii time into "me time." That said, don't be surprised if you attract a crowd of onlookers with this remarkable lineup. From elastic critters and elaborate puzzles to a hero with highly questionable manners, these solo titles are suitable for sharing, but give your friends and family fair warning: They may have to wait a while for their turn once you've gotten a taste of the single-player fun.
2008/11/21 16:41:24: Posted by DM
Gamestop, the top retailer in the US for games, has stated that they do fully expect Nintendo Wii console shortages again this Christmas and Holiday season. Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo America, has been promising for a while that anyone who wants a Wii will be able to get one. We will see who ends up correct.
2008/11/18 18:23:48: Posted by DM
Nintendo of America's Cammie Dunaway claims that hardcore gamers will start to sit up and take notice of the Wii next year, finally. She claims there will be multiple titles that will increase the Wii's already widespread demographic penetration. She specifically mentions a game called The Conduit, which is apparently pushing the graphical capabilities of the console, and does things not though possible on the tiny box. We will find out this Spring.

She added: "I think that next year you're going to see the tide turn a little bit, in terms of people realising that the Wii can have something of interest for everybody."
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