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The myth of beating a blackjack dealer
2018/05/06 16:41:15: Posted by DM

Blackjack is one of the famous casino table games, and some believe it is the easiest one to beat, provided that you know how to handle the dealer. First, there was the trick of counting cards, which most of the times ended up with the player being spotted, thrown out of the casino, and then banned. Nowadays, it’s all about working your tricks around the blackjack dealer and using some basic strategies.

Some would even go as far as saying that specific techniques can reduce the casinos’ advantage to nearly 0%, but you shouldn’t be so quick to believe it. After all, if that were true, we’d all be winners.

The most common way of "tricking" the blackjack dealer involves the following made-up formula: the dealer typically has about a 5% "win frequency" edge over players. Put differently; this would mean that the house tends to win around 48% of the time, leaving you with a pretty good percentage.

Coming back to reality, however, in the long run, even with a perfect strategy you will rarely beat the dealer. But, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself for believing otherwise. However, acknowledge that the rules of blackjack are designed to give the house an edge. Otherwise, how would they pay for their luxurious buildings, equipment, staff, and complimentary drinks?

It’s also noteworthy to know that each dealer knows that you can and will be beaten in the long run, despite any advantage techniques you might think you’re using. In fact, that’s the whole point of them being trained to spot card counters and turn them in.

The House Always Wins

Talking about your poor chances, you should, next time you step foot into a casino, observe how every single inch of your experience is being controlled and manipulated by the house. We’re not solely referring to the rules governing the games you love, but also the lights, the color of the carpet under your feet, the music and loud noises playing in your ears.

All of it is a package, with the sole aim of getting you and other gambling lovers to part ways with your money, as much as physically possible. The rules of the games are designed to make the house the ultimate winner.

If you’ve ever thought otherwise, you’re merely sweet and naïve. Casinos are a business, and not some charitable company willing to throw you a lifeline. Like any other business, they have a business model in place designed to ensure their profitability. Whether it’s blackjack, roulette, or any other game, the odds are stacked against you.

The Extra House Edge

Casinos are also designed to keep you playing for hours on end. The longer you play, the higher the odds that the blackjack dealer will ultimately take your initial winnings. While you might be ahead in the short term, in the long haul of things you’ll be eventually grinded down into unprofitability.

Because that’s a well-known fact, casinos will do their absolute best to keep you indoors for longer. With no clocks or windows, it’s hard to say when the Nevada sun has gone to sleep, and the free drinks are designed to keep you entertained and “valued.”

Plus, how many times have you seen a bleary-eyed blackjack player win? If the answer is never or almost never, neither have we. Gambling requires a clear head, and that’s probably why the best poker players in the world aren’t chugging down beer or whiskey before an important call. Not only will alcohol or playing tired cloud your judgment, but it will also lead to silly mistakes you’ll hate yourself for. Thus, the best advice is: play first, drink later.

Here, we can’t help but mention online blackjack games as well. While you won’t be under the influence, unless you’ve got your tumbler next to you before a game, there are other tricks that online casinos can use to reel you in. Specific sites offer the standard bait of “free deposits” or “doubling your deposit,” but it’s not only that easy to know which blackjack sites to use. If that’s an actual problem for you, these safe online casinos in the UK can offer a clean spam-free entertaining experience.

The Best Casino Games Odds

When discussing the myth of beating the dealer, another thing that pops up is that the laws of probability are less in the advantage of the house in blackjack. While it’s true that if you follow a perfect betting technique and strategy the house edge is minimized to less than 1%, this only applies to seasoned players who know their stuff.

The house edge increases as players wager less expertly. But, when compared to games like roulette (i.e., with a 5.26% house edge), there is no surprise that this myth has perpetuated for generations.

Another factor that plays a part is that gamblers usually view their odds promising. In fact, we’ve heard many players say that they can beat the odds because they’re knowledgeable, special, or because they’ve been given a break by Lady Luck.


All in all, the house is designed to always win because casinos are businesses, despite your best intentions, techniques, or knowledge. The myth of beating a blackjack dealer is a common one that has been around for as long as we can remember, and there are some valid points to why some would believe it.

Nonetheless, we have to burst your bubble and let you know that casinos are made to turn a pretty profit. In other words, chances are typically stacked against you because casinos, like you and any other gambler, love money. Nothing personal, just the way it is. But, while the ecosystem of a casino has the end goal of taking your money, players can come out on top by quitting while they’re ahead of the game, minimizing the chances that the dealer will take back the profits you’ve collected so far. That, however, is much easier said than done.

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