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2008/10/22 10:05:50: Posted by DM
Today's Xbox Live Arcade game is the much-anticipated Portal exclusive, Portal: Still Alive. The game was the sleeper hit that was packaged with Half Life Ep. 2, and this XBLA version provides more brain-busting levels. The game cost 1200MS points, and features full 5.1 surround and all new maps as well.
2008/10/14 14:55:49: Posted by DM
It looks like Half Life 2: Episode 3, the supposed finally chapter in the franchise for now, will not be completed for a while. This may even mean 2010, said Doug Lombardi, the mouthpiece of Valve. In an interview with Kikizo, Lombardi said that Ep3 will not arrive for a while, longer than the distance from ep1 to 2 or Half Life 2 to Ep 1. He did say that Valve may "announce or show something at the end of this year."

"The next time you play as Gordon will be longer than the distance between Half-Life 2 to Episode One, and Episode One to Episode Two,"

2008/09/29 16:04:34: Posted by DM
It seems that Valve will start offering user created mods for Half-Life 2 over the Steam download platform this week. The five mods include Age of Chivalry, D.I.P.R.I.P., Insurgency, Synergy, and Zombie Panic. Any gamers who have already purchased a game over Steam that uses the Source Engine will be able to download and play any of the mods, totally free.

"We're excited to see mod developers get wider recognition for the hard work they have done, and we hope to support more mod teams in the future," says an official statement on the Steam website.
2008/09/17 9:47:23: Posted by DM
As you may or may not have heard, there are rumors flying around the net that internet giant Google is considering getting into the gaming industry by acquiring Valve. Well, when contacted, Google refused to comment on the rumors at this point, which may mean it is at least being talked about. Rumor mill for now, stay tuned.
2008/08/25 9:58:48: Posted by DM
Left 4 Dead has been delayed yet again. Don't worry though, this time it is only a short, 16 day delay. November, 20, 2008 is now the release date. The launch will coincide with the 10th anniversary of the original Half Life's release.
2008/08/24 0:27:37: Posted by DM
Just a heads up folks, there is just one more day to enjoy the Steam TF2 Free Weekend. You can also grab the classic Beyond Good & Evil and Audiosurf for $4.99. Head over to Steam now if interested.
2008/08/15 8:48:38: Posted by DM
One of the best re-makes to be released lately, Bionic Commando Rearmed, is not going to be sold on Valve's Steam service after all. According to a post on the Capcom forums, Cappy and Valve were unable to reach mutually agreeable terms for the sale of the game. It is now only available on the Capcom website or Direct2Drive.

"At the last minute, we've been unable to reach mutually agreeable terms with Valve on BCR, so they won't be carrying it," VP of strategic planning and biz dev Christian Svensson wrote on the Capcom forums yesterday.
2008/08/12 16:32:47: Posted by DM
The "heavy" update for Team Fortress 2 has begun. Today, the CP_STEEL map was released. Tomorrow we get the next bit, and so on. Check the link for the schedule, but it is pretty straightforward.
2008/08/12 13:27:55: Posted by vividbreeze
Playable at Multiple Events Around the World!


August 12, 2008 - Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (such as Half-Life and Counter-Strike) and leading technologies (such as Steam and Source), today announced a series of live demonstrations of Left 4 Dead at upcoming industry events the world over.
2008/08/05 9:29:05: Posted by DM
Valve has come out to put to rest the rumors that Left 4 Dead will be making an appearance on the PS3. The game is being handled by EA, and a spokesperson said "There's no PS3 version currently in production." So that tears it for now.
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