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Super Mario Galaxy

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Written by DM on Thursday, December 13 2007

By now, Mario has had adventures just about everywhere you can think of, except space – until now that is. Super Mario Galaxy takes the franchise to the final frontier – outer space. Now, those of you who were soured on Mario because of the last outing, never fear, this is no Mario Sunshine. Picture Super Mario 64, and add a whole new dimension – inverted gravity 3D call it, or even better, Mario 64 on steroids. Does that mean the game is great? Well yes, yes it does. But why, exactly? Let’s find out.

The game begins in standard Mario fashion, with a storybook intro, and the basis for why our protagonist has to roam around the galaxy in the first place. Why else – the Princess has been captured by Bowser yet again. Shocking, I know. Without going into too much detail, I can tell you that it is going to be your job to powerup this strange vehicle you eventually find yourself at the hub of, in order to use it to access the part of the universe where Bowser is holding your love.

The game is built around a central hub world, where you can access the different galaxy areas by using little huts with names like “bedroom,” “kitchen,” and “library.” The keeper of this world is Rosalina, who is a dead ringer for Princess Peach. You will do a double take, for sure. Rosy even has her own storyline, but since it is not key to the game, you can choose whether or not to indulge her story telling or not.

As I said before, this game is Super Mario 64 on steroids, and there really is no better way to describe it. The time-tested star gathering system is back in action, and the game even has 120 stars to collect, just like SM64. You will play as Mario and explore around 40 different galaxies, with some galaxies containing up to 7 separate stars to collect, each by completing a different task.

At first, it may seem like the parts of each galaxy are just floating spheres that Mario has to make his way through. This is far from the way the game is played. The best way to describe the parts of the galaxies is to call them islands unto themselves. Each different part of the galaxy has a certain task or set of criteria that must be met before Mario can gain access to the “Star shooter,” the game device which literally launches you to the next section of the galaxy. There is also a gravity component to contend with. On most islands, you can literally walk around the entire thing, just as if you were standing on a small planet. This also brings up the only real complaint about the game that I have. There are a couple of islands where it is hard to tell if walking off the edge will bring you around again, or kill you. These areas could have been marked a bit better.

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Super Mario Galaxy

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