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Written by DM on Tuesday, March 04 2008

One of the more clever features of the game which is worth mentioning is the “Playground Picks” system. This is where you and another player take turns choosing teammates from a lineup, just like you used to get picked last from when you were in elementary school. What’s that you say? You never got picked last? Heh, put down the Cheetoes for a second and listen. I’m sure it was just me who got picked last. You end up reading a game review I’ve written, and I’m the only one who got picked last….. yeah right. I digress, sorry about that flashback , folks – old defense mechanism.

You can even take your Playground Picks online, and with other fans from around the world. In fact, the online modes are more or less all variations on a World Tour type theme, where players can choose their teams and compete with other fans around the world in order to establish an actual team ranking. Does this help to keep FS3 afloat? Not really, it still feels like there is a game mode that I have totally overlooked.

The team did not just put out FS3 with the errors fixed; there are a few additions that show promise. The fluid and speed of the motion captures has been ramped up, and it looks pretty impressive, to be honest. You can now play the ball off the wall and through the air without it looking like you really aren’t supposed to be doing that. Using the wall to put the ball over the head of the goalie is actually very satisfying.

There is a new classification system in FS3 which denote players who perform well, and labels them playmakers, finishers, bruisers, and tricksters. Each of these corresponds to one of the skills a player can excel at, passing, scoring, roughhousing and enforcing, and bal handling, respectively. It is a feature that will add immensely to the game, so make sure to utilize it whenever possible.

Defense, unfortunately, is completely opposite of offense. Common sense, of course, but I mean opposite in the way that playing defense in this game is not only boring, but it actually feels like a punishment so much that you make it your business to not lose the ball. You will never feel like you have actually caused the action on screen when you are playing defense in FS3. It always seemed like pure luck to me when I actually pulled off a tackle or a header. In fact, I said out loud many a time, “was that me?” or “did I do that?” or even “who has the booze?” The defensive controls are based on a different system than the offensive controls. Why this is so is beyond me, but I refused to learn two systems to play one soccer video game, as I’m sure you can understand.

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