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Written by J. Lipinski on Wednesday, March 05 2008

The mouse is arguably the most important device to a gamer. Every extra bit of help can separate you from the average gamer. In the past there wasn’t much difference between the mice PC gamers had to chose from. Now there are many competitive brands but one brand has stood alone from the beginning, Razer. They started the professional gaming mouse scene all those years ago with the Boomslang, and are still going strong. Today we look at one of their latest offerings, the Razer Copperhead.

When gaming, the importance of a good mouse is frequently overlooked as “frivolous,” or a unnecessary expense. I can safely say after using this hardware that the Razer copperhead mouse is the best mouse I have used to date. I was biased before towards MS mice, as they fit my big hands well, and I really didn’t think that there really was a mouse worth buying that was better. -- I was wrong.

First off I was impressed by the feel of the Copperhead. It was completely symmetrical therefore making it the perfect mouse for left handed gamers as well. Razer has also finally added thumb buttons placed in such a way that they are no longer awkward to use during the heat of battle. This was a problem that the earlier Razer mice suffered from somewhat. The Copperhead has a really long cord as well, which eliminates any need for a USB extension cable, which as pro PC gamers know, can be the source of many-an-issue. As you use the Copperhead, as with many Razer mice, you will realize you are controlling the mouse more with the fingertips then the wrist, giving the user more accuracy by making fine movements easier to execute. If you combine this with the high DPI value that the Copperhead can provide, you can literally control an entire screen of action within just an inch or two of the mouse pad, which is what PC gamers strive for – the most control with the smallest amount of movement.

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