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Conflict: Denied Ops

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Written by DM on Wednesday, March 05 2008

Conflict: Denied Ops was released both for PC and Xbox360 simultaneously. Usually when this happens, you know the game’s main platform of development was the PC, which means the console edition usually suffers. Well, this time around, that did not happen. The reason it did not happen is because even if the Xbox360 version of the game was worse than the PC version, it would be hard to notice because the game itself is already so poor. The game is also being released at the same time as a much bigger budget “buddy ops” title, Army Of Two. This has pretty much killed Conflict before it had a chance.

The game follows the mission of agents Graves and Lang as they traverse South America attempting to prevent all manner of WMD from being unleashed on the unsuspecting American public by – get this – an unscrupulous Venezuelan dictator. Sound like anyone we know? The characters themselves are uninspired, to say the least. You have the stereotypical bald black man tough-guy soldier, and the gruff, hat-backwards-wearing, 5-o’clock shadow-sporting soldier for life type. Graves and Lang are their names, and the bald black man is, of course, is the heavy weapons specialist, while the other is the sniper and small caliber weapon man.

It is a good thing you can control either of the characters at any time because if you don’t like the weapon you are using then you are more or less out of luck. The weapon you begin the game with is the weapon you will finish the game with, without any breaks at all. The guns might as well be glued into the character’s hands, folks. The only way you can switch weapons in CDO is to hop inside a stationary gun or switch to the other player. Every level will see another upgraded added to your weapon, such as a grenade launcher or a better scope, but it is still the same core weapon. Graves has a sniper assault rifle and Lang has a machine gun grenade launcher. That’s where it stays.

Each mission is more or less the same. Of course, the locations and names are different, but the game ends up playing pretty much the same. You land at the LZ, hop out, and start killing enemies. There are explosive barrels all over the place, thank god, since they spice up the action a bit. It is interesting to note that one of the few things that stand out in CDO is the propone tank explosions. When you blow up a propane tank, which happen to be everywhere (Venezuelans must be BBQ fanatics), they actually launch into the air at first like a rocket, and then fly around and explode. Pretty damn realistic, if you ask me, I was actually impressed. Add this to the destructible environment graphics and you have the two main positive aspects of the entire game. I digress though – the missions are mainly cookie cutter here, guys. The game follows roughly the same formula on each missions, kill the enemy AI, which is mediocre at best, find the first objective, neutralize it, find the second objective, kill the enemies in the way, neutralize the second objective, clear out the LZ, and end the mission. Sure, this sounds like the recipe for an exciting game, but trust me, once you have done it 4 times over it gets tedious, to say the least.

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