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MX Vs. ATV: Untamed

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Written by DM on Wednesday, March 05 2008

Rainbow Studios has been creating their off-road racing games for some time now, and they are more or less the undisputed king of the genre, when it comes to vehicles other than cars, that is. If any of you are old school gamers like me, you will remember a game on the PC called Motocross Madness, which was one of the best off-road games of its time. That was Rainbow, in case you were wondering, and they have been improving on that formula ever since, and why not? The game was great.

This outing sees Rainbow using their current winning formula of MX Bikes and ATV vehicles combined in one game to make a new race adventure. To be totally honest, I am not sure how much longer Rainbow can milk this formula as they have been producing the “Vs” games for almost 7 years now. How they keep coming up with ideas to further the genre is beyond me, but they are certainly sowing down as the games go on. There are always new modes and events, but the gameplay, at its core, has been the same now for a while. This is good for gamers who enjoy the franchise, of course, but some of us like a breath of fresh air now and then.

Rainbow has more or less perfected the control scheme for bikes and ATVs though, so I did not expect them to change the game’s core controls much, if at all. In case you have not played an MX Vs ATV game, the controls are arcade, for sure, but they are easy to get used to and easy to master. You can turn on a dime and cut corners tight if you like, while at the same time, you can take turns wide and fly across half the map if you like. Then again, you can use the brake to keep yourself low to the ground and race ahead of your opponents if need be. This mix between real world mechanics and arcade responsiveness is what makes the game so addictive. Combine this with the fact that the different types of vehicles actually do control differently, and you have a recipe for a great racer.

The newest additions to Rainbow’s latest off-road racer are the Endurocross and Opencross modes. The Endurocross events take place on a Supercross track of sorts, but there are more open areas with ponds, trees, shrubbery, and many other natural obstacles. It is meant to simulate the randomness of nature, if you will, but you will find that it is hard to gain speed because you will inevitably hit into a tree, fence, or rock, and go flying. The Opencross events also take place on a similar field, but they are of a more open ended type, where you can pick what race event you want to begin by driving to any of the icons placed throughout the map. Gamers who take the time to learn the layout will be able to do well in these events, but those who play once or twice only will have a much harder time of it.

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