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MX Vs. ATV: Untamed

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Written by DM on Wednesday, March 05 2008

There is also a new X-Cross Tournament mode this year. It is more or less your standard challenge mode, where as you complete one race, it will unlock another in the progression. Unfortunately some of the races end up being more tedium than fun, and you find yourself acing them over and over to place in a decent spot just to unlock the next race. If you take into account the fact that some of the events have up to four races, this can work out to be a long day in the MX Vs ATV world.

The customization system has changed little since the last game. You have many color and equipment options to choose from, but since you can build up your game bank account pretty fast, it becomes more or less academic after a few races – you simply purchase everything just because it is there.

The online play mode is exactly what you would expect, and have probably played before in the last game. This is certainly the best online mode yet in a Rainbow off-road game, and it is always great to play the latest edition of a game online, I mean, you don’t want to be that guy who is always a year behind. Is it going to be like night and day though if you do not upgrade to this title online right away? No, I am afraid not. The core online experience is more or less identical to the last game’s fare. There is a really nice addition though that you will miss out on if you are not using this game, and that is the online mode called Snake.

Snake can be summed up in one word – lightcycles! Every single one of us who is over th age of 21 knows what lightcycles and the movie Tron are all about. Well, Snake is basically Rainbow’s version of the lightcycles. As you race, you leave a trail behind you, and it is your join to both avoid crashing in to someone else’s trail and cause your opponents to crash into yours. As an added bit of cleverness, Rainbow has programmed Snake so that the trails exist in three dimensions. What I mean by this is you can jump over or slide under trails now, which makes things that much more interesting. This is, by far, the best aspect of the online game mode, so if you are planning to play online at all, then you need to make sure you do indeed upgrade to this game and not last year’s version.

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