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MX Vs. ATV: Untamed

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Written by DM on Wednesday, March 05 2008

There are a few other online additions including mini-games such as Graffiti, where the best trick point total from a standard jump will cause you to make your mark on the jump until someone else bests you. This is evidence of Rainbow’s attempts to not let their winning formula stagnate, and I give them full credit for trying. It is just that, and I know I’m repeating myself here, after 7 years, it is getting near-impossible to think up enough new ideas to make the game a must buy.

The graphics and sound are exactly like they were last time around. Are they good? Sure! Are they worth mentioning beyond the fact that they are sufficient for the game at hand? No. The engine is dated, there is no two ways about it, but in a game like this there are two ways the graphics and sound can play out. You can go the route that Codemasters does with games like Dirt, and make the graphics and sound so great that they actually draw away from the gameplay (not necessarily in a bad way), or you can make the graphics and sound just good enough for the game at hand, and focus on the gameplay. Rainbow has always done the latter, and it works for them because the mechanics of their games is great.

Here is the bottom line, folks. When it comes to MX Vs. ATV Untamed, the game is a solid title, and if this was Rainbow’s offering from 3 years ago, I would be singing the praises of a 9+ review. Unfortunately for Rainbow, this is just about the end of the road for the MX Vs. ATV franchise in its current form. The next time we hear from the developer, we really need to be seeing not only a brand new game engine and mechanic, but an entirely new game dynamic as well. The MX and ATV combination has reached its pinnacle, and anything done in the same fashion from now on will simply be overkill. Despite this though, Untamed is worth owning if you are a Rainbow off-road fan, and if not, it is certainly worth a weekend rent.

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