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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

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Written by Vividbreeze on Thursday, March 20 2008

Throw your history books away because this game has made a complete 360 on what you thought you knew about our nation’s past. This time around, the future is in your hands. You might say “Oh no, not another WWII shooting game”, however, Codemasters well thought out twist on the genre will give you a spark of interest towards the game. Turning Point: Fall of Liberty will be releasing this game for the PS3, XBOX 360, and Windows PC. Sounds promising? I believe this game is worth a try. Let’s see what it’s all about, shall we?

Turning Point tells it’s story starting in 1931, New York. Here is the part where you ignore what you know from our history books. Winston Churchill has been hit by a cab and, guess what?, he dies. Yes I know, take a deep breath, it did happen. From this point on, the timeline has changed dramatically. Due to Churchill’s death, he was not able to inspire the British troops to fight against the Germans. Ultimately, the third German empire invaded the British. Once the British were ceased and destroyed, the Germans moved on to more greener pastures, the US of A.

The year is 1953, and this is where you will begin you journey into changing the unknown future. You will be forced to watch the invasion that is taking place. This intro is graphically done really well and it will intrigue you. My interests were sparked, and I just wanted to see what happens next. You will begin the game as a regular New Yorker minding his business as a construction worker whose name is Carson. You have no military experience and will be forced to take action to save your nation. Unlike previous WWII games, your primary objective is to survive and not win this war single-handedly. Remember, you are a regular guy with no superhero powers.

Additionally, you will running around the whole city fighting of Nazis, running through buildings, and underground conrridors. You will be able to switch off between two weapons and grenades. The focus when shooting is a bit irritation so we suggest you use the iron sight to take them out even if this option has a small flaw of covering most of the soldiers in your sight. Sometimes, unfortunately, you will be dancing in circles looking where your enemies are locating and where these magic bullets are coming from. You may also get close to an enemy and use a melee attack, you can throw them off ledges or even sink their head in a toiler. Weaponry in the game is quite interesting. Pieces include the infamous M1Garand Semi-Auto rifle, MP50, powerful upgrade of the MP-40 sub machine gun, triple shooting rocket launcher, rifle, and other unknown weapons. There are 2 known vehicles: the Tiger 2 tanks, and a double-barelled tank that was designed around the end of WWII. There are also the Blimps, Zephyrs and two different styles of airplanes.

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