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Frontlines: Fuel Of War

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Written by DM on Saturday, March 29 2008

The Xbox360 has been called the console for first-person shooters, and to be honest, the machine does seem to have a disproportionate amount of FPS games. Couple that with the fact that from early 2006 on there has been a non-stop deluge of high profile FPS games (both announced and actually released), and you really do have to admit that it is truly the time of the FPS game (this goes for PC as well, but we are only concerned with the consoles at the moment). Fortunately, and surprisingly, many of the FP shooters that have been released have been at least decent, which means at least a few hours of fun. Developers have to compete against juggernauts like Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, and even Bioshock, which is technically an FPS with an RPG heart. This raises the bar for everyone. Once you add in a healthy dose of Xbox Live and bake at 350 degrees, you have a great recipe for gaming fun that fits the dynamic of the Xbox360 perfectly.

With all the pros and cons, it seems that THQ has decided to go “pro,” and released Frontlines: Fuel of War. Of course, the main question is, does the game hold its own in today’s market. Well, that’s what we are here to find out. The best thing Frontlines has going for it is that the Halo 3 and CoD4 gamers have been playing their games for a few months now, and it may be time for something fresh. Can Frontlines: Fuel of War become the “go to FPS” for those on hiatus from the big boys? I think so.

First, I think it is important to dissect the story element of FFoW. The game takes place in the future, right around 2011 or so. The eerie part of the fictional story, and I use the word “fictional” lightly (you will understand why soon), is that the events and incidents depicted in the game could easily transpire in the real world if things now were just given a nudge in the wrong direction. The game hits home, folks – no two ways about it. As the title implies, the game centers around oil, and the last remaining bits of it on Earth. IN FFoW, there are oil wells left in the Caspian and Black Sea that are still pulling the black gold from the ground., but that’s it. Other than those few, the rest of the world has run dry. The scariest part is that it all started out innocuously, at least in the game. The gas prices continued to increase at the pump until it hit 9.99, and then the 5-hour waits started, and with that, the riots were inevitable. By the time everyone agreed that something had to be done and an alternate energy source to oil had to be found, there was no one left to research and develop. Everyone was using every ounce of energy simply to survive. This you have the setting in Frontlines.

The game itself is reminiscent of the Battlefield titles, and anyone who has played the BF games will feel right at home. The maps in the single and multiplayer are both littered with objective points, and where BF games use the “raise the flag” mechanic, Frontlines uses different things like “disarm the C4,” or “recon the crash site,” to essentially have players do the same thing – wait inside the objective radius until the meter reads in the player’s team favor. It sounds like a simple change, but it adds to the game that you are not always just capturing flags.

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