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Frontlines: Fuel Of War

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Written by DM on Saturday, March 29 2008

We can take a few moments here to cover the basics – graphics, sound, maps, and the like. Firstly, I can say without a doubt that there is one thing that sticks out in my mind as being exceptionally well done in Frontlines. That is the sound effects and acoustic work. The guns in Fuels sound exactly like their real world counterparts, and believe me, this is not something I am proud to say I have experience in. I have been privileged enough to hear an ak-47 and m16 being fired in real life, and the sound engineers in Fuels went above and beyond. You may think that sound does not make much difference in a game, but it really can be the difference between you firing a toy gun in a game, and pulling the trigger of a weapon that is about to liberate another player’s head from his body.

The graphics in Fuel of War are spectacular as well. The frame rate does drop here and there, and little things to do with collision detection and collision priority will grab you. For instance, things like tree saplings, for some inexplicable reason, stop tanks dead in their tracks. Don’t ask me, for I sure as heck do not know why that is. The environments consist of two types only, and this is the main issue that I have with the maps. You will find yourself playing inside a burnout out shell of a city, or in the oil refineries of some burned out and deserted desert area that has just been deemed strategically useful again. Yes, these maps are designed to fit right into the theme of the game, but it would have been nice to have one or two that change it up more than just having half the map set inside one of the buildings.

The addition of vehicles to the game adds that extra oomph that makes all the difference between a mediocre title and a god one. The vehicles in Fuels also range from a simple jeep to a jet fighter. Yes, you can finally control a jet fighter on a console! The jets are the hardest to maneuver, of course, but they are well worth it, not only are they deadly but they are fun as hell to use.

I have left the control scheme paragraph until now for a reason, now that you know how many different aspects of the game there are to handle with just one lowly control pad, you can better understand why THQ has done what they did. The controls in the game are more or less completely configurable, which is almost a necessity for those who play FPS games with as much to keep track of as there is in Fuels. In fact, THQ has done a downright great job in making the scheme of control in the game intuitive. There are times in the game you will have to control “drones” in the form of wheeled robots, small bomb-laden RC cars, missile-firing RC copters, and even mobile Gatling guns. THQ has come up with a way to integrate this into the control scheme you use in the middle of firefights so that you can literally swap on the fly. It is not perfect, and it may get you killed now and then, but it is certainly the best I have ever seen. You will get used to it, and damn, are those gadgets cool as hell!

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