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Condemned 2

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Written by DM on Thursday, April 03 2008

Sequels galore! Sometimes it seems like this new generation of console gaming is mainly defined by the release of sequels. Good ones, for sure, but sequels nonetheless. Condemned 2: Bloodshot follows right along. The purpose of a sequel, in my mind anyway, is to take the things that made the original game sequel-worthy, and build on it. The only other things a sequel need do is: address the complaints that players had about the first installment, fix the bugs, and fill the omissions. C2 seems to deliver on all three, which could be a recipe for a great game.

Let me stop you right here before we go any further and make sure you know what you are getting into, because the original Condemned scared the heck out of me when I started playing. I did not know it was so far on the “’horror” side of survival horror. There is also a supernatural element added which really . Again, if you are expecting a few “spill the popcorn” jumps, you will be sadly disappointed. As long as you realize this all before diving in, then the game will be much more enjoyable.

The above bit being sorted, let’s get right down to the nitty gritty of C2. Have you ever said to yourself: “My life is missing something. I really wish I could rip the toilet seat off an old, decrepit, crapper and use it to beat the living snot out of a meth addict who has zero chance of ever re-joining the human race. Yeah, that really would hit the spot right about now.” And then just ended up trying to quench your bloodlust with a Frostee from Wendy’s at 2am instead? Well, let that never happen again when Condemned 2 is playable. The game is a dirty romp through some of the most disgusting, yet real looking, slums in video game history. The game is still the same core title that made the first condemned such a hit, Sega and Monolith just made it more dirty and more disgusting. It is a welcome breath of fresh air to the ever-growing third person genre.

C2 picks up right where the original game left off, storyline wise. Ethan Thomas is still our protagonist, and if you remember correctly, in the first game it was Ethan who ended up killing the half-man serial-killer Leland VanHorn. Since then, the images that Ethan has been seeing when it gets dark have made him into a raging alcoholic. He virtually lives in a booze-induced stupor. Ethan starts fights with foes both real and imaginary and cannot hold a gun level without swigging a significant amount of the sauce, which is actually built right in to the game.

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