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Rainbow 6 Vegas 2

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Written by DM on Friday, April 04 2008

Has it really been over a year since the original Rainbow Six: Vegas game was released? Yes, almost eighteen months in actuality. It hit store shelves the same week as Gears of War, if memory serves. That week offered gamers two superb choices for gaming on the Unreal Engine 3. If you were a tactical shooter fan, then R6 was your game, and if you were anyone else in the world you bought Gears of War. Actually you likely bought b both like most Xbox630 owners, but I digress. Rainbow Six Vegas was a great title, and this is why the game is still popular today.

What you may not have known about R6V though, is that it featured one of the most blatantly obvious endings made to be finished with a sequel. The game literally cuts off right after you are about to loadout for a new mission.

Rainbow Six Vegas also offered one of the best all around multiplayer experiences on Xbox Live that a gamer could get at the time. You could spend hours leveling up your online R6V character, just like you can now in Call of Duty 4. Sorry, just getting a bit of gaming nostalgia out of my system.

That being said, gamers have been eagerly awaiting the next installment in the R6 franchise to not only finish the storyline, but also to jump right back in to a fresh slew of multiplayer maps and locations. Not to mention new weapons – the whole package, actually. Ubisoft Montreal, whether on purpose or inadvertently, left Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 with a ton to live up to. Unfortunately R6V2 does not come up to snuff on all points, but the game gives it a valiant try.

Ubisoft has given R6V2 an all-new persistent character system which allows for the accumulation of universal experience points, no matter which mode you are playing. They have also added the ACES (Advanced Combat Enhancement and Specialization) point system to all modes. Sounds confusing, I know, but it really just means that no matter what you do in the game, it will always add to your overall stats and experience points. You can theoretically play the single player offline modes until you have sufficiently built up your character and then hop online and own everyone with your advanced stats. Of course, this is oversimplified, but you get the idea. Every category in the ACES system has 20 levels that can be achieved. Yes, I said 20, and each level has different rewards that you can grab such as weapons or an XP bonus. I must say, most of the rewards and tweaks are more or less pretty bland, but the fact that they are universally obtained and utilized is a huge plus.

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