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Written by DM on Tuesday, June 03 2008

The game also comes with only a few of the training and mini-games unlocked. As you complete more days of training and actually begin progressing towards your goal, more and more items become available. You accumulate time spent training with the FitPiggy, and the Activity Log will give you a detailed breakdown of the daily routines you have completed. You can even compete against other WiiFit users using the WiiFit channel, assuming your Wii is connected to the net.

One of the great strengths of the WiiFit system, as with any of the Nintendo training “games,” is the fact that the software goes a long way to hide the fact that you are actually working, not playing. The WiiFit exercise and training tasks always make sure to hide the science and harshness of an actual workout by masking it with a great presentation, a fun atmosphere, and a ton of diversity. For instance, instead of a bland aerobic workout, the WiiFit software might frame said workout as a dance-off competition. It sure makes things a heck of a lot easier to get through when you are dancing against a slew of AI controlled Miis.

The balance board itself is one heck of a sturdy (and heavy) piece of hardware. It weighs about 7 pounds, and it can support up to 330 lbs of human being standing and tilting on it. When you calibrate the balance board for the first time, you will be told your weight and you will have to enter your height, and that’s more or less it. When you done with the daily WiiFit workout, you can slide it under a couch or TV stand, it only sits about 4-5 inches about the floor. To top it off, it even comes with extended feet for use on a deep shag carpet. Nintendo has provided everything, hardware wise.

In terms of actual, pure, gaming, the only option available at this time was WeSki by Namco. I must say, when you use the balance board in conjunction with the Wiimote and Nunchuck, you might as well just buy an unflavored Icee and pour it over your head because that is about all that is missing from a real ski trip. You even get a serious workout when playing WeSki, just like you would on a real ski trip. If you lean left, you ski left. If you lean right and then dig in your heels, you do a right hockey stop. You can even deicide to ski snow-plow (wedge-style) if you are going too fast over moguls and bumps. The balance board is extremely accurate in the sense of detecting what body motions and pressure points translate into what motions on the ski slope. It is something that everyone who owns a balance board should try, even if it is just a rent. I cannot wait to turn the board lose on the upcoming EA Wii Skate game.

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