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Written by DM on Thursday, June 05 2008

The single player game does try to spice things up a bit with an escort mission thrown in here and there, and a vehicular mission thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately, any video game player who has spent any time with a decent FPS game before this will instantly realize that the developers threw in these missions exactly for the reason mentioned above – diversity. They serve no other purpose but to break up the FPS crawl. The first vehicle use mission is a good example, in it you simply drive a truck down a desert road and pass through several gates that must be opened by finding the level in the booth. If your car explodes do not worry, there are ample fresh vehicles to pickup along the way. You never truly need the vehicle to progress, you can simply walk if you like, and the only drawback is it will take much longer.

Underneath all these clichés, though, is still a solid FPS base. The weapons work as they should, the game has an ample supply of enemies to shoot at, and the sound and graphics are above average. In fact, the one thing you will notice is that the Mantel Troops ridiculous wear a helmet and armor with neon yellow colors. Boy, that’s the way to keep yourself hidden, neon yellow pads on light grey armor. Be that as it may, the single player game never dips below a certain point in terms of game play, so you do not have to worry there. There is even a 4-player co-op option where you and four players can play locally or over the net at the same time. Is it as fun as Halo co=op? No, but not much is. It is a solid experience for four players in a world of gaming that does not have that many worthwhile 4-player co-op games.

The multiplayer mode of Haze is a much more fulfilling experience. Since the game already has a two-team system built-in, it was not much of a leap to program a slew of multiplayer modes that take advantage of that fact. Once you hop online, you can join in any number of games going on at the time, and although the Mantel teams usually win, it is fun to try to come from behind as a Rebel. The multiplayer experience is certainly a much better place to start if you plan on purchasing Haze.

The entire game is also done in that “altered reality” feel, where the interface, sounds, and general look of the game is based on the fictional Mantel Corporation interface. The buttons, cutscenes, and even the game menus are built to seem as if they are being run on Mantel technology. This is a gimmick that should be reserved for very few games, as it only comes off well in certain, specific, situations. Haze is not one of them, unfortunately. I do not want to pretend I am a soldier for some faceless, heartless, corporation, who has decided to rebel against my corporate masters. I just want to have some fun with an average FPS.

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