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Written by DM on Thursday, June 05 2008

The actual online play was the same as offline, and the game happily never lagged or even dipped below 30FPS. This is good, for sure, but it comes as on surprise as the environments in the game do not offer much in the way of textures or details. Like I said, they look great, but there just is not much to see and do.

Haze is a game that was talked about by gamers for a long time before it was released. It certainly had a lot to live up to, and as with many games, it failed to do so. Haze does have a solid FPS base, though, and it saves the game from being totally worthless. It is just that the content that was built upon this solid base is half run of the mill and half too “far out” to be of consequence. If one hand only knew what the other hand was doing during Haze’s development, things might have turned out differently. Unfortunately, that is about all we are left wondering when the “Haze” clears, what could have been.

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