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Sony PSP 2.0 Firmware Mini-Review

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Written by DM on Monday, November 14 2005

We just updated our PSP with the 2.0 Firmware. Here is our mini-review of the upgrade complete with pictures. Why is it a mini-review? We only tested most of the new features, not every single one. Thus "mini" review. Is upgrading worth it? Read on and find out.

First lets go over the basic additions. Sony added ATRAC3 functionality for the music part. This worked fine, as we had a nice Sony min-disc player sitting unused which we used to test this part of the upgrade. It worked fine, no issues. Not much more to say there. Sony also added the capability to play MP4 sound files. Once again we had no issues there either. Of course you will need to download Sony Sonic Stage program to use this feature, or at least that is what Sony says. We did not try to do it without. The new Korean language setting works fine as well. although we do not suggest you test this if you do not speak Korean, as it took us literally 30 minutes to switch back to English. In the video playing mode, Sony added a view in 4:3 mode option, so you can view a 4:3 movie with bars on the side. They also tweaked the video seeking and added a new repeat mode. Mundane stuff. Now on to the juicy bits.

The new wallpaper feature is a real nice touch. As you can see in the first image, there is now a theme setting option in the system settings menu. Once you select this menu choice, you get 2 options - theme and wallpaper. Theme is just a basic color selection for the background of the PSP OS. The wallpaper setting is not to set the wallpaper, but just to enable it or disable it. A bit convoluted if u ask us. To actually set a wallpaper, you must go to the image/photo menu, select the image you want as the wallpaper, view it, pull up the viewing menu, and select "set as wallpaper." Sounds like a bigger process than it actually is. You can see all of this illustrated in images 2 and 3. We suggest you size the image correctly using Photoshop or another image editing program before you send it to your PSP, as the PSP retains the aspect ratio of the image when it resizes it. In layman's terms this means that unless the image is the correct size, you will get black bars bordering the image. In the viewing menu, there is also a new send option. This is to send pictures using the wi-fi interface to any nearby PSPs. Pretty straightforward there.

Now, on to the main addition, the web browser. The new menu choice is all the way to the right, as you can see in the first image. When you select this choice, your PSP will attempt to connect to a wi-fi internet connection, if you are not already connected. Once this happens you will get a blank browser page after about 10 seconds. See image 2. Once you get here you have a bunch of things to choose from in terms of settings, but we will cover the basic ones first.

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