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Written by DM on Monday, December 05 2005

Imagine, if you will, a punk-rock themed snowboarding game, mixed with a bit of pop-culture, and throw in a pinch of nerdly-fantasy gaming. Then mix thoroughly with LSD. There you have Amped 3 in a nutshell. The game does not take it self too seriously, and it is, at the least, interesting to play.

The Amped games have always distinguished themselves from the other snowboarding games because, while having a bit of realism about them, they also are all very difficult. Amped 3 is no exception. The game puts you in control of your own created character. There are many options for customizing the look and feel of your rider, but do not expect the game to change beyond the looks. You will receive all the same tasks and voice responses from your four friends no matter which look you choose. None of the cosmetic choices you make will affect your riding ability either – if you are super fat or rail thin you will ride with the same skill (or without any skill).

As you progress through the game, you will learn new skills and tricks by meeting up with your friends and having them show you the processes by which you perform these tricks and skills. Now, this is where the game gets a bit trippy, for lack of a better word. The cutscenes you will be treated to as an intro to the various challenges are laid out in various crazy styles. One of the intros is illustrated with action figures and stop motion animation, another is told through a fictional sketch book of one of your friends. It is out there for sure, but entertaining.

As we said earlier, Amped 3 is similar to the previous Amped games, but this does not mean the game is identical. This Amped game is closer to the likes of SSX than any previous incarnation. You will be able to pull off indy grabs, reverse flips, and front corkscrews right off the bat. You also do not need to hit a button to railslide this time around, and while on the rail you can string together many moves to build up your score.

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