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Egyptian Addiction

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Written by Gotti on Tuesday, January 17 2006

Straight from the brand new indy gaming company Big Toe Software comes Egyptian Addiction, a unique style puzzle game. We were given the chance to review this game and see how addicting it actually was.

On the surface this game appears pretty simple. You start off on a board with various colored balls, and the idea is to eliminate all the balls on the board by bumping like colored balls into one another within 1 minute. There are 2 different modes you can play in, main game and challenge, and there are 3 levels of difficulty settings. In the main game mode you must clear all of the boards in each chamber to move on to the next chamber (this must be done on normal or hard difficulty settings), and so on until you have cleared them all. In challenge mode you try to beat your best times, scores, etc, for each level. So what did we like about this game?

Simply put we were quite impressed with the graphics and sound in this game. The 3D graphics in this game are very smooth and are some of the nicest we have ever seen in a game that is designed to run in a separate window while you multitask. The sound is also very nice and gives a good "Egyptian" feel to the game. As for the gameplay it self, while it starts off quite simple to get you going, it does get hard quite quickly (especially on hard difficulty level). For those of you that like puzzle games that require some quick thinking, this is a great idea. There are also some other nice features about this game. One feature we really liked is the automatic pause for the game. If you are playing the game and switch to another active window/minimize the game, the game will automatically pause and the music will stop (this is great for hiding the game at work). The other nice feature is that for a simple game such as this it has a decent amount of replayability. You can always try to best your scores in challenge mode, while the main game mode has enough levels to keep you busy for awhile.

Our only real gripe about this game would be the mouse control. There are 2 ways to control this game, either with the arrow buttons on your keypad, or to "drag" the balls around using your mouse. Personally we found the mouse control to be a bit more difficult to control, so we just stuck with the arrows. Apart from this aspect, the rest of the game was quite nice.

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Egyptian Addiction

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