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Razer Mantis Gaming Mousepads

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Written by DM on Friday, February 10 2006

In today’s world of professional PC gaming and Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, gamers will take any edge they can get, perceived or real, to get those few extra frags. Excelling in that area for years now has been the Razer Company, with their innovative gaming products. Today we have the Razer Mantis speed and control mousepads up on the review block, so let’s see how they fare.

We know you might be saying “how much difference can a mousepad really make?” Well, a lot. There are mousepads ranging from 1 dollar to over 80 dollars that gamers can take advantage of, and it certainly is a waste of time and money if there was no difference at all. We tested this mouse pad with (what else) Razer’s newest magnum opus 2000dpi mouse, the Razer Copperhead.

The first thing you will notice is that the Razer Mantis mats are big. Really big. The dimensions of the pad are 444mm x 355mm x 4.3mm. For those of you who do not speak millimeter, that is about 1.4 Feet x 1 Foot and about a tenth of an inch thick. Interestingly enough, previous to this, even though I own both the Steelpad 4s and the Icemat, I was using a 5 dollar CompUSA mousepad that was the same large size as the Razer Mantis mats. I like a big mousepad because not only do I use this SLI 7800GTX rig for gaming, but also to work on the website. Let’s talk about the pads themselves.

First off, here are the actual specifications.

1. Precision surface optimised for gaming

2. Speed / Control surface for high / low sensitivity gamers

3. Oversized 444mm x 355mm x 4.3mm design

4. Fibertek cloth weave for superior performance

5. Rubber base ensures grip on the smoothest surfaces

The Razer MantisTM Mat is the next generation of precision gaming surface created For Gamers, By GamersTM. A premium cloth mouse mat engineered for top of the line tracking and enhancing gaming performance. The intricately woven fibers of the FibertekTM surface ensures precise targeting and tracking without limiting the velocity or acceleration of mousing movements.

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Razer Mantis Gaming Mousepads

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