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Fight Night Round 3

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Written by DM on Friday, February 24 2006

With the slow release pace of Xbox360 games until next month, any games that see release will be inevitably looked at by Xbox360 gamers. Fight Night Round 3 is one such game. There is a demo of the game available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and yet again, the demo does not give a good picture of the actual game. Let’s find out just how good or bad the game really is.

Right off the bat, the one thing which will grab any gamer is the stunning look of the boxers. When we tell you that the game is one of the best looking game we have seen anywhere, ever, it is not an exaggeration. At a glance, anyone would have trouble telling whether you are watching a real boxing match or playing a game. The only thing that gives it away is that real boxers do not move the way the game does. Do not get me wrong, this is not because the game’s animations are coded badly. It is simply because in order to make the game playable in a fun way, the models have to move certain ways. There are a few glitches worth mentioning though. First of all, you will notice that from time to time, punches go right through your opponent. It does not happen a lot but when it does it is certainly disturbing. Also, the blow and spit that spews from the mouth of your opponent in the slow motion replay of the knockdown punch looks a bit fake. These are both minor issues when compared to the whole though.

As we said, the knockdown punch replays are back from Fight Night Round 2. This time though, when you get the slow motion replay, you can literally see the ripples radiating out from the place where you hit your opponent. Sometimes it looks incredible, sometimes it looks a bit forced, but you will certainly find yourself going “oh man!” every now and then, even when alone.

Another improvement in the graphical area is the boxer’s face. You can see each and every cut or swollen area, and in-between rounds you can see it being repaired. It can be said that graphics do not make a game, and that is true, but in Fight Night Round 3, the graphics add so much to the gameplay that you will find yourself playing more and more because it just adds so much realism. You really get the illusion that you are controlling a true to life boxer. It really has to be seen to be believed.

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