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Written by DM on Monday, March 20 2006

The Outfit is a game which has gotten a bad rep, mostly due to the fact that the demo provided for download on Xbox Live was pretty poor. It likely turned off many potential buyers, which is a shame because the game certainly is not worthless, although it may only be rent-worthy.

The game itself is set in the World War II era, and you can choose one of three characters to play. A tough-as-nails bazooka-wielding captain, a Howie Long-esque square-jawed soldier with a flamethrower, or a shotgun-toting bald black soldier who talks like a stereotype are your choices. Towards the end you get to choose another player, but we do not want to give away too much of the story. Speaking of the storyline, there is nothing too special here. You are after a psychotic German military General who slaughters women and children. That’s it in a nutshell.

We would not call the graphics in this game next-gen. You can tell that the game is not set on Xbox or PS2, but not enough to make you go wow. Keep in mind though that this game is more about gameplay than looks. The explosions are sufficient, and the characters and vehicles are pretty nice, and there is not much clipping to be seen.

Single player or multiplayer the objectives are similar. Each map has a Motor Pool, a Radio Tower, and an Armory. Those three landmarks as well as certain other “strategic locations” can be captured Battlefield 2 style, you have to wait for the American flag to be hoisted over the location. One of the complaints we had about this game is that as you progress through the single player mode, if you leave even one German soldier unkilled, he will recapture any points then you have passed on the map. Backtracking becomes something you will find yourself doing very frequently in this game.

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