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Far Cry Predator

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Written by DM on Saturday, April 08 2006

Far Cry Predator for the Xbox360 has been criticized because it is more or less the same game that is available for the original Xbox with the exception of the inclusion of the original Instincts storyline. The title is a solid game, for sure, but is it worth a purchase? Let’s find out.

Predator is actually a compilation of two games – Far Cry Instincts and Far Cry Evolution. The Instincts game is, for the most part, the same story that is playable in the original release of Instincts on the Xbox. Overall, there have been some improvements made including new weapons, a few new vehicles, and some map editor improvements (zip lines, auto-snap ladders, and some new terrains). On top of that there are also more multiplayer maps and a new online mode as well. It is certainly a serious facelift, and gamers who enjoyed Instincts on the Xbox will be happy replaying the story, and those who have never played the Instincts storyline are in for a real treat. One of the interesting downsides about this game though is that gamers must finish the Instincts storyline before they can start with the new 8-map Evolution story. Of course, this can be remedied with a cheat code, but where’s the fun in that.

The gameplay itself is identical to that of the original version, even down to the slow-loading sniper rifle that has prompted many-a-forum post. As with any Far Cry game, it is very easy to get turned around even when you use the radar. Sometimes the path forward will actually be in the exact opposite direction that the waypoint is on the compass. It can get annoying, but this is nothing new to Predator. Eventually you will find your way though, and with your special superhuman powers (once you receive them), you will find yourself using feral attack to launch enemies halfway across the visible map just for fun. One of the fun gameplay drawbacks in the game is that players can only carry four weapons at once, plus a knife for stealth kills. The superhuman powers bestowed upon you do make up for it somewhat though.

The graphics in this game have certainly been given a tweak, and playing the game in full HD resolution probably makes this worth a purchase to many gamers. Do not get me wrong, the graphics are not so improved that you will have an eye-gasm the minute you turn on the game, but you will definitely notice the difference (when you see the incredible looking water you will know this is not Xbox). To be honest, the most notable change in the graphics is the frame rate. The frame rate in FCP almost never dips low enough for you to notice, with a few notable exceptions on very large explosion sequences.

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