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Rumble Roses XX

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Written by DM on Tuesday, April 11 2006

When it comes to the Xbox360 there are not many choices if you want to play a wrestling game. Rumble Roses is about it, unless you either live in Japan or count DOA4. It does share one other thing with DOA4 though -- the tremendous amounts of T&A. Copious amounts of breasts and thongs will be constantly thrown at you when you play. Not necessarily a bad thing, but how does the game itself stack up? Let’s find out.

To begin, let me say that I am not doing the usual mode-by-mode review at the end this time around because the game does not really have set modes. You navigate through the game using a world map and it is integrated into the entire game experience.

Unlike a WWE title, this game has no celebrity license to fall back on. This means that the gameplay has to be there for the game to even be considered for purchase. Now, the girls in this game, as I have said, certainly provide a serious amount of eye candy. Eye candy alone will not win gamers over though, and Konami knows this. The RRXX girls are not just empty shells, they are all developed characters with full back stories and personalities. Konami also added an extra dimension to the game by providing special storylines when two girls team up for tag team action. When this happens and certain girls team up, the game will play a special intro sequence showing the special relationship between the girls. It is a nice touch.

The controls in the game are pretty basic. The game uses a simple control system set up with strikes and grapples. It is fairly easy for any new gamer to pick up, but that does not mean the game does not have depth. If you are one of those gamers who enjoy playing a game until they have learned every move and nuance, you will not be disappointed. Once you execute the standard strike with X, you can then use the analog stick to perform a kick. Beyond that you can land combos, grapple with the opponent, or unleash low or high attacks. Keep in mind that during any of this your opponent can counter your move with correctly timed buttons presses. The B button can be used to pin an opponent, climb up on the ring ropes, enter or exit the ring, and pick up objects to strike your opponent with. It takes a bit of practice to get the use of this button down. The bumpers are used to block and perform a special power attack, called a humiliation or H move. Once you have worn your opponent’s power gauge down to where you can finish her you can use a lethal move or killer move. The only difference is that lethal moves cannot be reversed, while killer moves can.

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Rumble Roses XX

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