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New Super Mario Bros.
Better late than never, we take a look at one of the best-selling Nintendo DS titles and a return to 2-D Mario gaming with New Super Mario Bros.

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Written by CraiZE on Tuesday, August 22 2006

New Super Mario Bros. (NSMB) hit shelves back in May, but such a great game can’t go un-reviewed. After a long time of no “new” Mario games, Nintendo decided to make its fans happy with Mario’s latest installment on the Nintendo DS. But does this Mario live up to the hopes Mario Fans had? Read on to find out!

Our little plumber has not lost any tricks, you can run and jump through all kinds of levels featuring snowy, tropical, desert settings. In addition to Mario’s signature moves, he now can slide down on walls and jump off them like in Mario 64. There’s also the butt stomp attack and the triple jump which add another level of depth to the 2-D play mechanics.

Well-known power-ups like the mushroom and fire flower are still around, but there have been new additions too. The big mushroom makes Mario into a giant that destroys blocks and pipes simply by running into them. There’s also a blue Koopa shell which lets you spin given a bit of speed, killing any enemy in your way. To top it off, there’s the mini-mushroom which makes Mario shrink to an incredibly tiny size. As mini Mario, you can jump much higher and run on top of water at the expense of suffering one-hit kills from enemies and having to do the butt stomp to kill even the smallest of foes.

NSMB does not disappoint in any Way. Its eight Worlds with eight (or more) levels each will give you at least ten hours of gameplay. You get the spooky ghost mansion levels with hidden paths (like the ones introduced in Super Mario World), boss castles, and of course the signature Mario flagpole at the end of each level. Each level contains three giant coins which can sometimes be quite challenging to obtain. Collecting these giant coins will give you access to toad houses where you can nab handy powerups, or you can spend them on map shortcuts or custom backgrounds for the lower touchscreen.

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