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2009/12/16 16:20:04: By DM
PC players of Modern Warfare 2 may be able to design their own game soon. Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling hinted on his Twitter that there would be some "Mod Tool News" coming in the future. Once it gets posted, he would pass it along, he said. Now, his feed said he is preparing an #MW2 Status Report, so stay tuned.
2009/12/16 11:24:14: By DM
EA and DICE announced today that the web-based FPS, Battlefield: Heroes has hit another milestone. Over 3 million players have registered to play the game. To celebrate, EA released an all-new map for the game today. Good news for DICE, who it seems can do no wrong. Keep up the good work!


Guildford, UK – December 16, 2009 – Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced that Battlefield Heroes™, the hit Play 4 Free third-person shooter has recruited three million registered players. With endless hours of signature Battlefield sandbox action and a built-in matchmaking system to ensure new and old players of equal skill levels are paired together for fair play, Battlefield Heroes is EA’s popular web-based free to download, free to play title. To further add to the game’s appeal, EA today released an all-new map for the ground-breaking title that generates revenue through advertising and in-game item sales.
2009/12/16 10:38:07: By DM
Good news for Sony. Famitsu is reporting that the PS3 has cracked the 4 million units sold threshold in Japan. As of December 13, 2009, there were 4,020,563 units of the Sony game console sold. Congrats to Sony, a nice Holiday present.

2009/12/15 18:56:35: By DM
Time to play the spot the Modern Warfare 2 glitch. This time, it is not so much of a player exploit, as an actual game bug. It seems that when players log in to certain server, the ammo counter is broken, and players can fire as much as they want. IW man Robert Bowling has promised a patch 5 times on his Twitter. Let's hope it's soon.
2009/12/15 18:30:00: By DM
EA says they "wouldn't have done" the infamous Russian airport scene in Modern Warfare 2. A producer in the Montreal office told CVG during an Army of Two: 40th Day interview that Infinity Ward took things a little too far with the scene, but he respects them for being "gutsy." He went on to say that the scene got posted before the game's release, and out of context it looked even more horrible. True.
2009/12/15 14:32:18: By DM
To put the internet naysayers to rest, Bungie has reaffirmed that the Halo: Reach trailer is indeed from the game itself. The game looks so much better than previous Halo games, many claimed it was not actual game footage. Bungie says it does, though. Then again, they said it was from the game "for all intents and purposes." A bit ambiguous, to say the least. Check it out below.

2009/12/15 13:46:09: By DM
Nintendo filed for a trademark for the name "Zii" in Japan. The trademark is for use with video games and other devices. The paperwork for the trademark went through on October 20, 2009, and it was just released in the Japanese public database yesterday. Nintendo has registered trademarks for Cii, Bii, and Yii as well back in 2007, but this seems a bit late to protect a Wii typo. Then again, who knows. Rumor mill for now.
2009/12/15 12:39:18: By DM
Sega is still fighting the non-classification of its Aliens Vs. Predator game in Australia, where it was refused a 15+ age rating, which is the highest available for AU games. This, of course, means that the game can not be released down undah. Sega has stated it will not censor the game, and has applied to have the rating reviewed. Since there is no 18+ rating, it is widely known that the Aussies are generally more liberal with game content ratings than their counterparts in the UK or US, and Sega maintains the game is still suitable for the 15+ rating. We will see by next week, most likely.

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